Sookmyung Student Union Elections
Sookmyung Student Union Elections
  • Jin Lim Youjeong
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From March 24th to 26th, Sookmyung Women’s University held an election for Student Union president.  It was hosted by the Office of Student Affairs and supervised by the Central Election Management Committee.  During the campaign, two teams ran for Student Union presidential office: the Answer and Light Up.  The election saw the election of a new student union because the election was called off last time.  Last December, only one team—Turning point —ran for office.  The campaigning team failed to obtain office due to their political principles.  Students felt Turning point was extremely left-winged and that it was connected to the left-wing political group and activities.  Because most students disliked the team’s campaign ideas, voter turnout during the Student Union election was the lowest ever at 4% in SMU history.  Lee Jihye, Department of Food & Nutrition ’13 said, “Students want a Student Union that focuses on student welfare and education.  We don’t want a political aspiration driven team."  According to student wants, the Answer and Light Up focused on students.  Both pledged to work for student interests; that is, for the students and by the students.  Head of the Office of Student Affairs, Choi Seonghee said, “I felt nervous because it was a really important and imperative event at Sookmyung Women’s University.  We hope student votes reflect students’ desire for a noble student-oriented Student Union.”

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