Shop Sookmyung Products: Tips and Flaws
Shop Sookmyung Products: Tips and Flaws
  • Yoo Kim Juhee, Hong Ha Sunwoo
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How much do you know about products of the brand Sookmyung?  From students easily seen wandering about campus using Snowflake ear-caps to more products like Sookmyung Wine there exist quite a diversity of products.  Yet, not many are well known, which hinders their success.  Hence, the Sookmyung Times presents an A to Z list about the brand Sookmyung!

# Snowflake Stationery


In November 2013, SMU’s trade character Snowflake was redesigned.  Starting when the first Snowflake ear-cap given out at Dynamic Sookmyung had an overwhelming positive response from Sookmyungians, more and more stationery has carried the character. Unlike other Sookmyung products, student participation was included in the stationery production process.  The new Snowflake character that is placed on all products was designed by SMU students in the Department of Visual and Multimedia Design.  These students did not actually participate in product design, but the owner of Sookmyung Stationery, which was using the already designed Snowflake by the Department of Public Relations outsourced creation to professional designers.  Stationery items mainly target enrolled SMU students and production and pricing is done by Sookmyung Stationery.

Where to Buy : Sookmyung Stationery (1st floor of the Student Union Building)

Items : Snowflake pencil cases, notebooks and clear fi les, Snowflake character stickers and ear-caps, and so on.

Tips : Sook-dae Moon-gu Facebook is the fastest path to learn about new and in stock products.

# SMU Souvenirs


Need a present that represents Sookmyung Women’s University for an official occasion? The best choice would be a SMU souvenir.  All kinds of souvenirs with a wide range of prices are displayed at Sookmyung Staionery.  The products were also designed by outside professional designers and price is set by the staionery owner.  Still, all products must be examined by the Department of Public Relations before they are allowed to enter production and be sold.  The souvenirs are mostly bought by visitors or by the university to use as gifts.

Where to Buy : Sookmyung Staionery

Available Items : Sookmyung marked diaries, umbrellas, snowflake brooches, sets of spoons and chopsticks, bookmarks, calendars, caps, scarves, neck-ties, USBs, postage stamps, key rings, tumblers, bags, fi les, and so on.

Tips : Upon request, the owner of the stationery store will wrap the products you purchase individually formal SMU gift wrapping paper.  Also, products can be purchased cheaper by choosing displaying products or asking for a group discount.

# SIS Cosmetics


Ever seen the SIS cosmetic samples displayed at Blueberry Café and Sookmyung Stationery?  The cosmetics are also products of effort by Sookmyung Women’s University people and its technology.  The products were developed in partnerships with Ilyang Pharmaceutical and Samsung Hospital.  The cosmetics target Sookmyung Women’s University students and alumni of the school, so they are not promoted to the general public often.

Where to Buy : Sookmyung Staionery or on the homepage www. sislifein. co. kr

Items : SIS moisture cream, soap (for oily skin / dry skin), and serum.

Tips : You can ask for samples at Sookmyung Stationery, Blueberry Café and on the homepage.  One special bene­fit for SMU students is that you can get a special discount as a Sookmyungian.

# Sookmyung Wine


Sookmyung Wine was first produced for the 107th foundation celebration of Sookmyung Women’s University.  The wine was launched to celebrate former president Sunhye Hwang’s inauguration.  The wine is conducted by the Department of Public Relations, and it promotes the wine by e-mailing alumnae or posting on the notice board on the Sookmyung homepage.

Where to Buy : From Sookmyung Community page

Varieties : Three kinds of red wine and one white wine.

Tips : Watch out for promotion events near special holidays on Sookmyung Community page.

# Sookmyungians are Demanding Change

The Sookmyung Times asked 237 Sookmyungians their opinions about Sookmyung products, and a majority of SMU students desired betterment.  Many students complained about the lack of both off and on-line Sookmyung souvenir shop.  Won Yoori, Division of Education ’12 said, “Although there is Sookmyung Stationery, its space is so limited that it cannot display all products and shockingly, some of the displayed souvenirs are in shoddy conditions.  A place only for Sookmyung products is surely needed.”  With limited space, SMU should operate an online shop or provide catalogues detailing Sookmyung brand products.  Seoul National University, Korea University, Ewha Womans University, and Dongkuk University all run online shops, selling and promoting their products.  There are numerous benefits for operating online shops such as students don’t need to go in person to an offline shop to buy products or souvenirs.

Also, students can find out with ease what products are presently being sold.  Moreover, Yonsei University and Dongkuk University also publish catalogues that illustrate products being sold.  It is too hard for SMU students to learn about SMU products without going to the stationery shop directly.  Also, Sookmyungians claimed there is insufficient variety in products for enrolled students.  Especially, not many products have the redesigned Snowflake character.  According to the Sookmyung Times survey, products students most wished to have are diaries, pens, ear-phones, breads, and card wallets bearing the Snowflake character.  Students would also like more practical products; items they could use in daily life.  Because student demand is the key point to souvenir and product profit, the university needs bear in mind student needs and design wants.

Furthermore, Sookmyungians hope to see more products affiliated with the university; that is, student intervention in the production process.  For example, SMU has a food institute and departments like the Department of Le Cordon Bleu Hospitality Management, which could benefit creation of unique cuisine.  Regarding this issue, a number of students said it would be a good idea to hold a contest to find innovative products made by university students.  Jung Joowon, School of Communication & Media ’12 said, “As a character Snowflake achieved marketability and fulfilled student needs by incorporating SMU students in the production process.  Even better results could be had if more students participated in production even if the involvement were only in targeting Sookmyung products towards enrolled students.”

# Can Sookmyung Get Ahead in Shopping Circles?

Can products just engraved with the university mark be called true souvenirs when no one “really” buys them for memory?  How can they hope to be loved by current students, alumni, and outsiders?  Seoul National University’s way of producing its products may have the answer.  The unique strategy by Seoul National University is its combination of departmental technical skills.  Through department collaboration, SNU has produced many beloved products such as its functional toothpaste from its Dental College and its doenjang and ssamjang from joint effort with the College of Agriculture.  Like this case, if SMU encourages more departments to participate in production processes, it could produce more diverse and meaningful products.  The combination of active student participation and departmental effort in promotion could also bring about more love from Sookmyungians, which would lead to Sookmyung brand reform and giant leaps forward.


Epilogue_Most frequently asked questions

1 Which Snowflake products are new for 2014?

→ The Snowflake character doll and handheld mirror are newly planned additions to the Sookmyung brand line for 2014.  The doll is to be launched in August and the mirror around the beginning of April.  Also, a Snowflake engraved pencil case has also been added and is currently on sale in the staionery shop.

2 Where do profits go from sales of Sookmyung products?

→ All products sold at Sookmyung Stationery are not SMU related.  Some products are designed and priced by the staionery store itself.  Profits from the SIS cosmetics line, however, are donated to a development fund for the university and some of the money is used for development expenses.  Sookmyung Wine profits are used for scholarships.  For each bottle sold, 10,000 won is donated to scholarship funds.

3 Are SMU students active in product production?

→ Except for the Snowflake character, products sold at Sookmyung Staionery are designed by professional designers.  Regrettably, SIS cosmetics and Sookmyung Wine also do not include student participation.


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