Healthy Volunteering, Start with SMMV!
Healthy Volunteering, Start with SMMV!
  • Gwack Ryu Seoyoun
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Buddha’s doctrines founded Buddhism.  "To keep the body in good health is a duty; otherwise, we shall not be able.”  Have you ever seriously thought about this?  People usually forget what is most important in life.  Of course, work is important.  However, above hard work and the accomplishment of a dream, there is the need to care for one’s health.  The Sookmyung Times (SMT) met the vice-chief of Sookmyung Medical Volunteer Club (SMMV), Um Hyujeong (UM) to talk about more about the club and its work to let know the importance of health.


SMT  Sookmyung Medical Volunteer Club requires 3.5 hours a week of volunteer work.  What kinds of volunteer activities are expected of students during those hours?

UM  We volunteer at Samsung Medical Center in a variety of capacities such as personal guidance, assisting newcomers at the hospital, and checking patients’ weight and blood pressure.  Moreover, we also help paitients at the hospital by offering magazines and books while waiting for service or others at the hospital.  Moreover, we also volunteer at SMU by engaging in such activities as promotion of healthy dieting, joining the hand-washing campaign, and attending the artificial breathing program.


SMT  Student generally thinks that SMMV is a club established for students that major in a health or medical related study.  However, I noticed the club has students from a variety of different majors.  Is there any reason SMMV recruits students from different majors?

UM  As I already mentioned our activities at Samsung Medical Center do not require professional medical knowledge.  In this regard, our club does not seek people with specialty knowledge.  We only ask that a person be clean, have the mind to serve, and be friendly.  Thus, students, regardless of major, are welcomed at SMMV.


SMT  Can you recall any impressive or especially happy moment while volunteering?

UM  I’d like to talk about the volunteer work I am doing in the hospital at the moment.  In my case, I often volunteer in the finance department.  There I usually help people pay their charges at the automated payment machine.  Lots of elderly people need assistance with the automated system.  The elderly are usually stressed by the difficulty in handling the machine.  After providing help, they always say a few words of praise.  Besides, they check my name card to confirm I am from Sookmyung Women's University.  I feel really proud because I am also working to positively represent our school.  I find worth in my life from those moments.

SMT  Would you like to add anything about SMMV for students who might not be aware of the club’s activities?

UM  As I said before, the club has no specific volunteer work requirement.  We just ask that you bring a sincere attitude of volunteering.  SMMV's door is always open!  If you would like to do some worthwhile volunteer work while at university, do not be afraid and come join our club.  We recruit members twice a year.


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