Youth Gathered at the Starting Point of Their Dreams
Youth Gathered at the Starting Point of Their Dreams
  • Lee Park Jeongeun
  • 승인 2024.04.01 10:00
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Sookmyung Women's University's entrance ceremony and a welcome party for the freshmen were held at Jangchung Arena on February 19. The slogan for this year's entrance ceremony was "New Beginnings" and "The Beginning of My Dream, Sookymyung." Admission was possible from 9:30 a.m, and on the way in, students were greeted by people handing out small gifts in front of the stairs at Exit 5 of Dongguk University Station to welcome them. Before entering, students received shopping bags full of souvenirs, including laptop pouches, Noonsong character keyrings, school logo badges, handkerchiefs, snacks, and so on. Participants could also send a letter to their future self a year from now in a 'slow mailbox' or take a photo in a photo zone with Noonsong. In addition, a four-cut photo booth was installed, so they had the opportunity to take a framed photo with the president or Noonsong and have it printed. Students sat in their respective areas according to their departmental affiliation under the guidance of the staff. The event consisted of the first part being an orientation, the second part being an entrance ceremony, and the third part being a welcome party for freshmen. The host was announcer Kim Min-jung, who is an alumna of SMWU. The first part, the orientation, began by showing a school promotional video that included introductions to places such as Queen Sunheon Building, Arena Theater, and Sookmyung Women's University Museum. Then, they had time to learn the school song by singing along while reading the lyrics. In the second part, the entrance ceremony, after each department's flag corps and faculty members took their positions, the pledge of allegiance to the nation and the oath for freshmen took place. Scholarship certificates were also awarded to the top entering students. The event continued with a speech by Park In-guk, chairman, and President Jang Yoon-geum gave a welcoming message. At this time, a video of freshman Kim Jeong-ja, who is famous for being the oldest college student and who desired to enter SMWU, was shown. After the video ended, she actually appeared on stage and received applause from the attendees. Then, students personally attached the school badge to the person sitting next to them. The entire entrance ceremony ended with the school song learned at the beginning of the event being sung in unison.
Before the last part, a welcome party for the freshmen, began, students watched the video messages of celebrating admissions from people such as STAYC and Prowdmon, who performed for SMWU in 2023, as well as Lee Keum-hee, Pak Se-ri, and Jang Ye-won, who are alumnae. They also watched interviews with the families of some of the freshmen. In response to the question about what kind of person their children are to them, the audience were impressed by answers that it is like looking at a mirror of themselves and they give them energy after work. Following this atmosphere, the Reserve Officers' Training Corps (ROTC) began the congratulatory performances. Showing their disciplined movements, MAX, the dance club on campus, entertained the audience with a free movement performance. In particular, they drew cheers by covering recent pop idol songs. In the case of NiViS, after showing off their passionate cheerleading, they expressed their happiness at being able to join in celebrating freshmen with their performance. Moveover, VIVIZ, who came as a special guest singer group in addition to the performances of students on campus, appeared wearing reformed SMWU clothes and passionately sang five songs, creating an enjoyable atmosphere with positive responses from the audience in between. The students cheered them on by turning on their cell phone flashlights as if they were holding glow sticks. The exciting atmosphere created by the performances was maintained by the lucky draw event. Products such as AirPods, an iPad, Dyson Airwrap, and LG Gram laptop were provided to a small number of winners as prizes of this lucky draw event. After the overall event, Lee Wan-bin, Department of Chemistry '24, said, "I think I was a little surprised because the event was much bigger than I expected. After the entrance ceremony, I felt proud to have entered SMWU, and I look forward to my future school life. Sookmyung Women's University is the best!" It became a time when students from all over the region could make an exciting start, taking the beginning of their dreams as their destiny, just like the catchphrase.

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