Different Ways of Getting into a Story
Different Ways of Getting into a Story
  • Jo Yoo Suyeon
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Novels, essays, poems, and more: books are a medium that many people can enjoy in a variety of genres. Before the advent of e-books, all books were printed on paper. These books had different textures depending on the type of paper used to make them, giving readers a different feel as they turned each page. As time passed and e-books were commercialized, with hundreds of books able to be stored on a single electronic device, people also began to find the appeal of e-books, which are portable and allow users to freely draw, underline, and leave their notes on them. Here are two Sookmyungians who prefer either printed books or e-books and share their reasons for doing so.


- Debate Topic -

Printed Books vs. E-Books


1. <Printed books>
(Kim Ye-rin, Department of German Language & Culture '24)

I favor printed books over e-books for several reasons. Firstly, I need the sense of reality and volume that printed books give me. I have a habit of jotting down important notes on post-it notes as I memorize information better when I can physically see and touch it. Similarly, the act of physically stacking up books to be read adds a tangible connection to the reading process. Secondly, there's a unique satisfaction in "owning" a printed book. We can also own e-books, but if access to the site is unavailable or there is no internet, you cannot view them. In that regard, analog documents have faithfully served the role of recording and preserving. Acquiring and assembling cherished books one by one fills me with happiness whenever I glance at my bookshelf. As a student on a tight budget, I can't afford to buy multiple copies of the same book, but it's my dream to own several printed books that have the same content but different covers someday. Lastly, printed books can be a great present. Presenting someone with a beautifully illustrated book filled with charming drawings or a heartfelt book of poetry is certain to leave the recipient deeply moved.


2. <E-books>
(Park Min-a, Department of History & Culture '22)

I'm a lover of all kinds of books, both printed books and e-books, but to choose one, I prefer e-books more. Nowadays, with various e-book services such as Millie's Library and KYOBO eBook, more people on the subway are reading e-books on their phones instead of reading printed books. I am also a subscriber to such services. My love for e-books goes back a long way. I've probably read hundreds of web novels since elementary school. Why am I so passionate about web novels? It's because of their ease. Not only is it easy to access them physically, but the distance between the author and the reader is narrowed in e-books, giving me hope that I can also make a mark in the world of fiction. The process of debuting in the market and publishing is also simplified in the world of e-books, allowing anyone to expand and share their imagination. In addition, this closeness helps us to immerse and connect with the characters, not just psychologically with the author. Deeper immersion allows for limitless imagination, and that imagination can lead to great things. I think this is the ultimate purpose of literature and art. It may seem like a grand statement, but I want you to experience the freedom that e-books give you over printed books: anyone, anytime, anything, with anyone.

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