Moving Forward by Remembering the Past
Moving Forward by Remembering the Past
  • Jo Yoo Suyeon
  • 승인 2024.04.01 10:00
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Hello Sookmyungians!
Are you all enjoying the warm weather we're having in April? In this warm weather, just walking around the neighborhood listening to music is therapeutic in itself. I often find myself sitting down at a cafe that catches my eye, ordering a cup of coffee and pulling out my journal. I don't write in it every day, but I do try to do it regularly. I put pictures of my friends in it, decorate it with cute stickers, and even stick in my favorite movie tickets to record my experiences. Reliving all of these fun memories makes me more excited for what's to come in the future.
Whether it's a diary from elementary school or a yearbook, these documents, which are all different in form, have the same essence in that they capture a moment in time which allowed us to experience specific emotions. When I look at the thoughts I had in the past or the outfits I used to wear, I feel like I've been transported back to that time. I often get together with my family in the living room and look back at my photo albums from when I was very young, and it's always fun to see my parents' reactions. I think the power of documentation is something we're seeing at the Sookmyung Times magazine too. It's only been a year, but when I look back at the articles I wrote last year, I feel a sense of "It was like that back then" and am quite proud of the person I've grown to become. Now, I'd like to introduce no.390, which was prepared by SMT's 91st group of reporters.
We hope this magazine remains with you as a little memory too!

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