Today's Weather: Sunny or Rainy?
Today's Weather: Sunny or Rainy?
  • Lee Park Jeongeun
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When the sun is shining and the weather is clear, people often start their day in a good mood. On the other hand, if it's raining all day, people feel damp and unnecessarily depressed while others fall asleep to the soothing sound of the rain. In this way, the weather is intertwined with emotions and routines, making it an important factor in people's daily life. This SMT reporter would like to introduce you to some works that feature such weather.

COVER OF The Rainbow Goblin Store



"Rainbows are a funny thing: the harder it rains, the more brilliantly they shine."

- Popo


<The Rainbow Goblin Store (2023)>

Serin is a high school student and lives alone in a semi-basement with her mother as her father died in an accident and her sibling ran away from home. Through hearsay and a best-selling book, she learns that if someone writes down his or her unfortunate story and sends it to the Rainfall Market in Rainbow Town called the Devil's Shop, a winner is chosen and receives a ticket that allows them to visit. With the sound of radio in the background, she writes about her unhappy situation. Eventually, Serin wins, and following the letter from the shop telling her to come on the first day of the rainy season, she visits there when it is raining. The secret of the shop is that visitors can turn unhappiness into happiness. There, she sees some beads that can help people live their dream life which can be purchased with the gold coins earned by selling their stories of misfortune. The coins are only valid during the rainy season, and there is a rule that if they don't leave before the rainy season ends, they will be trapped there forever. She stays there for a few days, and the weather is sunny, unlike the human world where it rains continuously. This makes her keep watch carefully to follow the warning that she must return to the human world before the end of the rainy season. Will the market allow Serin to live the happy life she truly desires?



The setting of the book, where the Rainfall Market is located, is Rainbow Town, referring to that which appears in the sky after rain, raising readers' curiosity about whether there is a connection with rain. The combination of the characteristics of the town's name and the weather theme of the rainy season arouses interest in what the weather is a metaphor for in the story. Also, the idea of a protagonist who has to go to the stop when it's raining and doesn't want it to stop raining is the opposite of people who can't wait for it to stop raining because their clothes are wet and damp. Meanwhile, the warning that one must leave the store before the end of the rainy season leads readers to speculate about what side effects the protagonist might experience when trying to obtain happiness in a magical way. In this regard, it makes readers consider whether to be satisfied with their current life or take risks and choose a completely different life, even if they are slightly unhappy. Just as people wait for a rainbow to shine brightly after the rain stops, it raises expectations about whether the protagonist's life will also face bright changes.


OFFICIAL POSTER OF <Weathering With You>



"It was the first time I realized that the sky moved people so much, and that the human heart is connected to the sky."

- Hodaka


<Weathering With You (2019)>

A boy, Hodaka, runs away from home, goes to Tokyo and lives alone. While looking for a job, he thinks about a man named Suga who had saved his life and given him a business card before. He visits Suga and stays with him while working on an article for a magazine about a rumored "sunny girl," who literally can make the weather sunny. One day, he sees Hina, a part-timer at a hamburger restaurant who had given him a free meal, being dragged away by some people. Hodaka rescues her and while they are talking, it is revealed that Hina is the sunny girl. Based on her ability to change the weather, three people - Hodaka, Hina, and Hina's younger brother Nagi - begin to make money through the sunny girl project. That is, by receiving requests from people who need clear weather due to their own circumstances, Hina goes out and makes the rain stop for payment. Will the three achieve happiness themselves just as they make people happy by providing clear weather when requested?


SCREENSHOT OF <Weathering With You>



This movie depicts several weather scenes. The scenes in which Hina's powers instantly clear the dark, rainy Tokyo skies and illuminate the world are a visual treat for the audience. Also, the surrounding characters' joy at finally seeing a sky that has been covered by rain for a long time makes the audience feel like the weather has actually improved in reality, too. The way that Hina makes money with her ability to clear the weather shows how important the weather is to people's daily lives to the extent that they are willing to pay money for clear weather. When the trio travels to earn money, in order to keep things interesting, they wear "teru teru bozu" doll hats or decorate their umbrellas in the shape of "teru teru bozu," which are hung up in Japan when people want the rain to stop. The cheerful background music of the movie gets them to also wish for the rain to stop. This movie makes people cry and laugh along with the weather just like the characters on the screen, and feel the emotional connection between the weather and humans.

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