How Can We Have a Quality College Life?
How Can We Have a Quality College Life?
  • Lee Park Jeongeun
  • 승인 2024.05.01 08:50
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College life is relatively freer and more independent than high school, with making friends regardless of class or grade and a schedule that students create by themselves. However, it is also a time when students begin to seriously consider various options for their future. Then, what is more important to students: good grades or various extracurricular activities?


- Debate Topic -

Maintaining good grades vs. Engaging in extracurricular activities


1. <Maintaining good grades>
(Lee Da-in, English Language & Literature '22)

Hello, I am currently a junior, majoring in English Language & Literature. When I was a freshman, I was aware of the importance of managing my grades, so I studied hard in class and took notes. Working hard in class naturally led to getting good grades. In addition to getting good grades, I learned a lot from the lectures, and my understanding of my major increased. I also believe that these efforts can lead to the opportunity to receive a merit scholarship. I think that working hard in my classes and maintaining good grades extends to the integrity of my attitude, which in turn is the foundation of my willingness to do my best in everything I do. With many employers looking at grades as one of the most fundamental factors for employment, it seems clear that a good grade is one of the best indicators of college experience. While it is important to get involved in school clubs, leadership groups, and other on- and off-campus activities to gain experience, I think it is also important to keep track of your grades and cultivate the habits of hard work and persistence. I wish all Sookmyungians a happy and bright future.


2. <Engaging in extracurricular activities>
(Choi Hyun-a, Department of Political Science & International Relations '22)

Hello, I am currently a junior in the Department of Political Science & International Relations with a double major in the Division of Law. What I consider the biggest advantage of going to university is that we can meet a wider range of people. Not only do I get to hear different opinions from my classmates in the same major, but in liberal arts classes with students from different majors, I get to see certain things from new perspectives that I hadn't thought of before. In this regard, I think getting involved in activities outside of the university is important. In Korean society, there are many external activities for university students to choose from. In my case, I decided to join a group that is involved with policy proposal supporter activities with government organizations, utilizing the characteristics of my major. This gave me a new viewpoint. Furthermore, I am particularly interested in the field of national defense and security, among other areas of political diplomacy. Therefore, I've been involved in a number of activities related to security. This led me to meet active-duty military officers, diplomats, and U.S. military officers who are involved in national defense and security, all of whom are making significant contributions in the security field. Through this, I've been able to make additional connections along the way. While it's important to get good grades in college, I think experiences outside of the university allow us to engage with living academia. I'm not suggesting that students shouldn't think about their grades and just focus on activities outside of college. However, the new experiences gained from participating in extracurricular activities will be hard to come by through grades alone. I wish all Sookmyungians who are reading this article have a fulfilling and meaningful university life.

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