Isn’t It Lovely?
Isn’t It Lovely?
  • Cho Ku Yun-ji 기자
  • 승인 2007.11.05 17:47
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   Are you tired of normal clocks, normal dolls and normal goods?  Then avert your eyes from those and pay attention to pretty stationary!  By just looking at them, you may feel happy because not only is their design fascinating, but some of them are even filled with novel ideas that make our life more comfortable.  For example, an alarm clock which has wheels to escape from you until you wake up.  Also, there are small and pretty cleaners which clean the dust from your desk.  While you may be surprised with these wonderful things, you may soon get to know that these are just small part of the eye-catching market.


 New Wave Attracts People through the Internet


     Nowadays, you can find many online communities related to lovely stationary.  This wave is shown in design commodity market.  An increasing interest toward various childlike products proves this.  For instance, there are many online communities for people using film cameras.  Among them, photos taken by toy camera or multi-framed camera are popular.  A toy camera user said, “In my opinion, the camera is so pretty that it has its own attraction.  That’s why I like to use it even though it doesn’t have many functions like digital cameras have.”

    With this wave, the online shops sell designer articles.  Although it takes a long time to get the imported ones, many people willingly buy them.  They are called ‘Early Adopters’ because they like to try new and extraordinary things.  The high cost doesn’t matter for them because of the pleasure the articles give.


 Satisfaction vs. Expense


    Park (20) said “I like to see lovely articles even though I can’t afford to buy everything I want.  I think they are a kind of oasis for people living in dry and dull world.  Seeing it makes me happy and feels like I’m in another world.”

    Kim (19) said “I bought a coffee machine because of the pleasure its design gave me.  However, despite its high cost, the machine didn’t work well so it became useless for me.  There are several cases where I felt disappointed with the low quality so I hope many people check thoroughly before they buy.”


    As you can see, some consumers may be satisfied with attractive items while others are not.  But it is obvious that you can’t resist the temptation that the lovely stationary items offer.  So experienced consumers recommend checking the product very carefully before buying and getting information from real users is important.

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