Cultural Exchange between Senegal and Sookmyung
Cultural Exchange between Senegal and Sookmyung
  • Kim Seol Jieun
  • 승인 2015.09.06 15:53
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From July 10th to 21st Sookmkyung Women’s University hosted ‘Knowing the culture of Senegal’ at the Han Sangeun lounge.  It is supported by Korea Foundation (KF), and Sookmkyung Women’s University has managed the program for the last three years.  In addition to Senegal, various other West African students participated in the program along with Sookmyung leadership group, Sookmyung Cultural Volunteers.  According to Mun Siwon, principal of Sookmyung Exchange Department, “This program can be compared to a time travel event because we can look back upon Korea’s past.  Sharing Korean experiences with a developing country is meaningful for Sookmyung and response from the program has been very positive, better than expected.”  The purpose of the program was to provide African students with information about Korean education, culture, and economy.  In the morning hours, participants took classes that taught about Korea’s IT industry, culture development, and theory of preschool education.  After lunch, they explored Korea by engaging in various activities such as going to an amusement park, experiencing 3D movies, and visiting the Samsung research Institute.  Kim Suhyun, a member of Sookmyung Cultural Volunteers, said, “In the past, I didn’t know much about Africa, but I made many friends and am now interested in Africa.  The only thing I would suggest to make it better is to open up the event to students outside our club.”

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