Design Is Loving Others
Design Is Loving Others
  • Kim Lee Kyung-hee
  • 승인 2007.11.05 18:32
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Design industry leader, Kim Young-se of INNO Design, spoke his philosophy of design on October 8 in Gemma Hall.  In his speech about What Is Design, he said, “Wherever or whatever we study, design is connected to us.  Because design represents me, it’s all about my identity.  Consider the word, ‘Prosumer.’  It is directed at you.  Consumer as a producer, you can make the design.”  Also, he emphasized his ultimate philosophy of design, ‘Design Is Loving Others.’ 

 He said, “Design is creating emotional link between you and me.  Can you believe that one of the masterpieces of my design, Sliding Pact of AMORE PACIFIC just started with the love of my wife?  Heat product Sliding Pact design just started for my wife’s comfort.  Actually, I told to my staff, ‘Design as present a gift for your sweetheart.’   Then, our designers had a great hit.  In this way, my ultimate philosophy of design is ‘Design Is Loving Others.’  Most of our thoughts are of design.  Design is all about my look, feel, dream, and life.  In other word, it is all about me.  If you have an identity, then design with your sweetheart in mind, you can create a fascinating design.” 

His passionate speech was enough to warm the lecture hall and students.   Also after speaking, he sang a great pop song for Sookmyungians

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