What are “Flies in the Ointment” in Sookmyung?
What are “Flies in the Ointment” in Sookmyung?
  • Chang Chun Heejin
  • 승인 2015.09.06 23:14
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Fly in the Ointment refers to flaws or blind spots or any form of weakness.  No one is perfect, so everyone has a fly in the ointment.  Sookmyung Women’s University with its beautiful campus, good students and education system is not perfect as well.  However, if people stop moving forward towards perfection, there would be no development.  Therefore, The Sookmyung Times asked Sookmyung students about flies in the ointment of Sookmyung and what they believe would be good solutions.






Shin Haejin

Department of English ’15


I think club communication between students and the school needs improvement.  Some clubs have no place to store their equipment and some clubs do not even have a club room for members to gather and carry out club business.  To solve these problems, better communication between the school and students is needed.  Sadly, there are currently neither enough chances nor places to voice club concerns or find solutions to existing problems.  Providing more opportunities for communication would help the two sides come to agreements on the matters.






Lim Yoonseo

Department of History & Culture ’14


There are too many beautiful girls on campus! Many people say that Sookmyung Women’s University has beautiful students.  I was so surprised my first day of school. Beautiful girls were everywhere on campus.  Why is this a problem?  Since Sookmyung is famous for its beautiful students, I have to constantly be concerned about my appearance.  If I do not do so, I fear damaging the school’s image.  This is the only issue I have with Sookmyung.  To be honest, Sookmyung is a great fit with me.






Shin Yujin

Division of Economics ’13


I wish the borrowing time of a laptop for one day would start earlier in the day.  Students must wait until five o’ clock before they can register to borrow a laptop for the next day. Many students are burdened by having to remain on campus until late in the afternoon after their lectures are done just to reserve a laptop for the following day.  Therefore, I think the school should consider changing the reservation time or limiting the number of laptops that are available for students to borrow.  As the school were to increase the number of laptops available, the problem might rectify itself as solutions like these could make students’ campus life more convenient.






Kim Soohyun

Department of Business Administration ’12         


In the library, the reading rooms where lots of students study, the air seems very impure.  Especially, the reading rooms located underground have insufficient ventilation.  Also, the restrooms in Myungshin Building should be cleaner.  Restrooms on the third and fourth floors of Myungshin Building have fewer stalls that on other floors, and because some of the toilets are broken, students must wait a long time to use the facilities.  Spaces where students can do make-up are lacking as well. It is my hope that Sookmyung increases its number of restrooms and spaces for students to do cosmetics.

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