The Light and Shadow of Your Special Subject
The Light and Shadow of Your Special Subject
  • Kim Oh Jieun
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Sookmyung Women’s University offers diverse majors in diverse departments.  Reviewing the syllabus of each major, students find lectures taught in English and lectures that involve group work.  However, though there is a bright side, there is also a dark side.  Each major has weaknesses that students majoring in other majors cannot see.  The Sookmyung Times asked Sookmyungians from a variety of majors about their department’s merits and demerits.





Shin Jungin 

Division of Child Welfare & Studies ’15



In our major we focus on helping people from infancy up to their teen years through consultation and nurturing.  In order to achieve this goal, students engage in many real life counseling and nurturing tasks.  The downfall of this is that students must be comfortable with communicating with other often.  We often are assigned group work, which can be a burden to certain people.  In addition, our major may not suit those who have difficulty forming bonds and close relationships with others.





Kwon Yejoo 

Department of Mathematics ’14



One of the best things about my major is that we are not required to submit reports.  We also have tight relationships with each classmate, and since our department study room is located near the main library, it is convenient to go to the library.  However, students face three huge exams and several quizzes each semester.  Our department uses English-language textbooks and students should take notes during lectures in English.  Despite this hardship, students are not graded on the university grading curve, which differs from most other courses taught in the English language.  Lastly, we need to move to the Continuing Education Building at the middle of this semester due to construction of the College of Engineering.





Lee Heejai 

Department of Global Cooperation ’13



I am completely mesmerized by the diverse curriculum of the School of Global Service.  The School is unique and differs from others at other universities where it is typically associated with a department of international studies.  At Sookmyung, it provides both specific and wider fields of lectures that are normally not offered at the undergraduate level.  For instance, students have access to lectures about media, management, security, education, international trade, international relations and so on.  Since the department has so few students, there is a warm and close relationship between professors and students.  Also, students have frequent contact with foreign students because they often take the department course since they are only offered in English.






Choi Jaewon 

Division of Business Administration ’11



Above all, I enjoy the fact that students in my major are able to acquire more general background knowledge about socio-political issues, which is needed in society.  The range of study in the major is much wider than one might thing, so students are able to learn more than just about business administration.  The department also ensures its students take courses like computers and languages.  However, the major requires students to to numerous assignments starting from exams, reports, and group projects.  Moreover, due to the passion of students from other majors and the desire to take required business administration student courses, some students in Business Administration fail to enroll in their mandatory courses.

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