Presentation on International Internships
Presentation on International Internships
  • Park Kang Sieun
  • 승인 2015.10.09 00:07
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On September 8th, the Office of International Affairs held a presentation discussing international internships being offered by Macquarie University in Australia in the Global Lounge.  All Sookmyungians were invited to participate in the presentation without pre-registration.  Kang Soyong, Manager of International Internships in the Office of International Affairs, said, “We offered these presentations for Sookmyungians in the hope that students would receive correct and proper information about internships.”  At the presentation, Jennyfer Han from Macquarie University provided much needed and useful information on international internships that her university offers.  Sookmyungians learnt about Macquarie University—where it is located, what services the university provides, internship program procedures and polices like financial requirements, internship sojourns, types of internships, etc.  Park Teayeon, student in the School of Communication & Media ’11, said “It was great help because I learnt about international internships in more detail and the life overseas working as an intern via the picture slideshow.  If there had been more information about corporations accepting student applications for internship that would have been a bonus.”  Because the presentations were focused on the provision of concrete information, they provided clear, exact, and proper information about international internships.

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