Time to Look Back on Life
Time to Look Back on Life
  • Kim Seol Jieun
  • 승인 2015.11.27 23:37
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On November 24th, Sookmyung Leadership Competency Development Center hosted an autobiography contest at the Samsung Convention Hall.  The event has been held annually since 2013.  Before it was hosted as contest, students’ writings were published in book format and the book was titled ‘The Story that Changed Me.’  The head of the Leadership Competency Development Center, Chang Yungeum, said, “Students can achieve their dreams if they reflect on their life seriously.  The purpose of this program is to make Sookmyungians reflect on their past events and design a new present and future.”  Compared to last year when a total of 110 students took part in the contest, this year saw 136 Sookmyungians participating.  30 students received awards, and 6 were acknowledged as contest winners.  First prize recipients received 700 thousand won.  The contest was limited to students who completed both competence development courses this year, and participants were subject to two types of evaluation: their autobiographic writing and a presentation on the writing experience.  Lee Seunghyeon, Department of Statistics ’13 said, “When I heard that I got a prize, I was surprised because I didn’t think my writing was good enough as they were only done to meet my assignment requirements.  Writing this autobiography, I was able to look back on my beautiful past. Still, I think if I’d written more, I would have thought about myself longer and more deeply.”

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