Magic Is My Destiny
Magic Is My Destiny
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Chung Eun-sun

1978, Entered the Korean magic community
1986~87, Lecture in Asia, U.S.
1991, Included in top 5 in FISM (Federation Internationale des Societes Magiques) held in Lausanne,

2004, Designated as a juror in a Korea Cup Magic 2004, SAM JAPAN CUP 2004
2007, Designated as a juror in FISM


Park Min-su

2002, Joined as a member of The Korean Magic Society
2003, Won the first prize in 2003 Korea Cup Magic Contest
2005, Became s regular member of KMS
2003~, Appeared on many TV programs including <On focus(SBS)>, <Friday Culture Club(SBS)>





 There is a woman who plays an important role in the Korean magic community.  After deciding what she would do, as a magician, she tried her best to succeed.  Since being a magician was not a popular job in the past, she paved the way to establish the magic community in Korea.  That’s why she has many nicknames with ‘first-’ when introducing her.  Also, there is another outstanding magician to win many prizes and get fame in his young age.  The Sookmyung Times (SMT) met this wonderful woman who laid groundwork for future generations and who follow the way.

  Interview with Chung Eun-sun

SMT: Why did you become a magician? And what is the attraction of magic?

Chung: I don’t know when I became a magician exactly since I wanted to become a poet as I was a student.  When I decide to become a magician at some point, I couldn’t help looking forward to when I would be successful.  I just can tell that magic is my destiny.  Also, magic is endless.  To explore something different stimulates curiosity among people.

 SMT: I heard that you attend many lectures.  Which kinds of lecture have you taught?

Chung: It depends on the audience.  If I lecture in Sookmyung Women’s University, I would lecture on ‘How to become an attractive woman.’  Still, I give a lecture on how to get out of mannerism when the audience is office workers.

 SMT: What is your dream?

Chung: I was very sad in that there are few Korean magicians.  For instance, when voting for the host country of big magic event, Korea used to get 1 vote for there was no voter except me.  That’s why I want Korean magicians to be more famous in the world and to broaden the sphere.  In addition, there are many different kinds of magic.  So I hope Korea to be the best in any field of magic in Asia.  Furthermore, to make Korea to be the best in the world is my dream.

 SMT: Do you have any suggestion to Sookmyungians?

Chung: As I mentioned before, I hope that Korea gets more outstanding in magic field.  I’m the only woman president in Asia Magic Association.  As a unique magician not only as a woman but as a pioneer of magic in Korea, I have few regrets because once something had been done regretfully, it should get better.  I have never strived to do something or get this position; I just followed my destiny.  So I want to tell students that after being sincere and faithful in everything follow your destiny.

 Interview with Park Min-su

SMT: What is the charm of magician?
Park: A magician is a magician to the letter.  He or she can do everything.  The audience and magician enjoy the magic together, so magic play an important role to get friendlier with the stranger.  I myself used to be an introversive person, but not now, since magic is to show others.  And I feel happy when my effort is rewarded with a big applause.

SMT: What is the magic seen in ordinary life?
Park: If someone doesn’t know about something, it looks like a magic.  For example, people who haven’t lived with a cell phone, it can be a magic for them.

SMT: What is your dream?
Park: I participated in the FISM last year as the youngest magician ever.  And my dream is to get a good grade in FISM held in 2009.  Also, in the long term, I want to lead Korean magic community as my teacher, Chung did.  Ultimately, I wish that people feel happy through magic.

SMT: Do you have any advice?
Park: I decided to be a magician when I was a middle school student.  It was quite earlier than others.  It has advantages and disadvantages.  Even though the sad thing is that I can’t spend my private time, I’m satisfied with my work.  So I want students to decide their own career as early as possible.

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