A Number One Headhunter Introduces Talent
A Number One Headhunter Introduces Talent
  • Cho Ku Yun-ji 기자
  • 승인 2007.12.15 14:08
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Yoo Soon-shin, the CEO of You & Partners, talked to Sookmyungians about the quality of talent.  This was held in Shinhan Bank Hall at Centennial Hall on November 12. 

First of all, Sookmyungians prepared a short movie to welcome her.  After expressing her good impression of SMU, S Leadership and the movie, she delivered her speech.  She spoke of her experiences abroad and new trends she got during her work; women CEOs, interest in Korea and interest in global talent has increased.

The lecture consisted of main four points: the talent of the global world, how to select talent, what a leader is, and strategies for self-development in university life.  Contrary to the past, she emphasized that people who accept challenges, have a sense of creativity, morality and social influence are who major companies waiting for.  For having these requirements, she recommended Sookmyungians to have some certifications, do as many extra activities as they can, and be proud of themselves.

When one student asked of the difficulty as a woman leader, she answered that opportunities for women are more than we expect.  She closed the lecture saying that “Don’t be afraid and do first.”

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