Spending Christmas Solo
Spending Christmas Solo
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Are you alone now?  Do you plan to be alone at Christmas?  Don’t get discouraged!  There are plenty of ways to get through the Christmas season alone. Perhaps you are already living with loving people like family or friends.  If you want Christmas to be a special day, give the following a shot!

1. Decorate House with a Christmas Theme

 Of course, there are various finished products like Christmas trees in the market.  However, if you make the decorations by yourself or with your family and friends, you can be more emotional.  You can get diverse items related to Christmas in Bangsan market, Dongdaemun market and the Cheonggye creek market in Seoul.  These are wholesale markets, so you may have to spend some time shopping because some stores can’t always sell individual items.  

2. Share special present


 Christmas is more than a Christian holiday, it is December, too. That reason is Christmas is not only date of Christ’s birth but also the end of the year.  You could prepare a special present for the people around you who have meant a lot to you over the course of the year.  How about making thankful card for them?

3. Make Your Christmas a special Day in Theme Park

 Internal theme parks will hold Christmas festival.  Seoul Land has hold ‘Christmas Snow Factory Festival’ from 17 November to 25 December.  Lotte has given 'Happy Christmas Festival’ from 9 November to 25 December.  The Theme parks make offers various programs like taking pictures with Santa Claus, Moonlight Parade, Carol Performance with Bands and so on.

 In December, splendid circumstances can make loners feel especially alone.  Nevertheless, the spirit of Christmas is love.  Fortunately, love doesn’t always have to mean a lover.  How about remembering all the people in your life who you love and encourage them? 

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