Who Will Be the Next Leader of Sookmyung?
Who Will Be the Next Leader of Sookmyung?
  • Kim Lim Minji
  • 승인 2016.06.09 19:07
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On April 27th and May 13th, candidate hopefuls for the 19th Sookmyung Women’s University President Election gathered to present their campaign policies and visions for the school at the auditorium of Queen Sunheon building.  A preparatory committee for the election was specially established and consisted of 5 distinct school body parts, namely students, professors, personnel, alumni, and school board representatives.  Yoon Boyoung, the president of college of Fine Arts, from the Emergency Planning Committee, said, “The preparatory committee was founded to tackle problems.  We look forward to positive changes to the electoral process.”  Candidates presented their opinions on policies, administrative matters, school funding, and the welfare of the school, and their visions for the school and its organization.  During the second, candidates presented their plans for and opinions on education, research, students, and international policy.  Besides these, with influence from the PRogram for Industrial needs-Matched Education (PRIME) business presentation held on the morning of the 13th, candidates included a new aspect to their campaigns.  Pyo Seunghee, Department of Statistics ’15, said, "I attended the presentations to learn more about issues affecting our school.  However, I was a bit disappointed by the tardiness of a number of candidates.”  The date of the next election has yet to be released.

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