One Hour: Enough to Make One Happy
One Hour: Enough to Make One Happy
  • Kim Kim Hyuna
  • 승인 2016.09.02 14:11
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What do you usually do in your free time at school?  Do you merely hang out with friends, or study for exams or just have lunch with classmates?  Indeed, these activities may seem profitable especially bonding with friends, but there is also a better way to spend your spare time at school, which is much more efficient.  It’s volunteering at the cafeteria for just one hour of your day.  You will be not only helping other students, but gaining great experience.  How can you join this valuable experience?  The Sookmyung Times met Park Hyun A, Vice-president of Ten Spoon to learn how.


What does the name ‘Ten Spoon’ mean? And would youplease describe its main activities?

The name Ten Spoon originates from the four character idiom ‘Sibsi-il-ban’ which means a united effort to help others.  In other words, the name symbolizes our mission of sharing one hour of our lives to help others in need of a meal.  We decided to name our club, ‘Sib-siil- bab’ since ‘bab’ means meal in Korean.  Members believe the club name is easy to understand, intuitive, and all-inclusive of the club’s goals.  Hence, we came up with the name Ten Spoon.

What motivated you to establish Ten Spoon?

Ten Spoon came about suddenly.  Typically, students eat at the school cafeteria with friends over a lovely conversation.  However, we noticed that for some students purchasing a meal every day at school is financially impossible.  Some students were even skipping meals to work part-time just so that they could offset their financial burdens and continue on with their education.  We established Ten Spoon to raise awareness of the disparity of the classes at university.  A careful look around the school will highlight our directive.  It will only be too clear to see schoolmates not eating. They need your help.

What do you think is the driving force behind Ten Spoon?

I believe the driving force behind Ten Spoon is the good will of university students.  While some may argue that university students are selfish and only focus on polishing their resume, I firmly believe Ten Spoon breaks down this stereotype and shows others that university students are willing to volunteer for people in need during their free time and especially when the place of volunteer work is nearby their location.  Students start to engage in volunteer work actively upon entering university.  Our club now has members from 22 universities, proving that university students’ goodwill is strong in society.

Would you like to leave any final words for Sookmyungians and other university students?

As an upper grade student, I would like to say that participating in Ten Spoon will provide you with much more than just volunteer hours.  You will be able to meet various people and engage in meaningful activities.  For instance, you could meet students from differing majors at your own university as well as meet people at different universities.  In today’s modern society, social networking is important.  Ten Spoon also adds to bringing national society closer together, so I strongly recommend all university students consider participating in Ten Spoon during your university days.



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