Foresee Changes of the Future
Foresee Changes of the Future
  • Kee Seong Eun-hye
  • 승인 2007.12.16 12:21
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The Vice president of TU Media and named endowed chair professor of Mass Communication atChung-AngUniversity , Hong Sung-gyu, visited SMU to deliver a special lecture on November 5 at the Auditorium inQueenSunheonBuilding .  His speech was titled Fusion of Broadcasting and Prospect of New Media Industry which is an increasingly popular topic among the ‘moderners.’

He said, “We live in the age which suffered information revolution and image revolution, also.  A few years ago, no one expected that people could watch soap operas or movies on the subway or in their own car by using PMP or cellular phones.  However, it became a reality.  People who are aware of changes and have a sense of the times are real leaders of the age.” 

And then, he added.  “If someone wants to succeed, it’s important to have original and creative ideas that are different with others.  Reading science fiction can be one example of raising your originality.”  Finally, he concluded his lecture with emphasis.  “If the alphabet A to Z are same with numbers 1 to 26, which their sum become a 100 percent is not ‘hard work,’ ‘knowledge,’ ‘money,’ or ‘leadership’ but ‘attitude.’  ‘Attitude’ is the motive to change everything.”

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