2017, Walk on a Road of Flowers
2017, Walk on a Road of Flowers
  • Kim Seol Jieun
  • 승인 2017.03.04 16:30
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Roads lined with flowers are beautiful with bright their colours of pink, red, yellow and green. When the flowers on these roads are in full bloom, there is no darkness or desperation. The smell also brings a smile to people as they pass along. Their sweet smell attracts various insects that long to taste their beauty. The breeze scatters their soft and fresh petals and leaves, and people who see them on the road ahead of them stop to take a picture of the scene because it brings small joy to a busy and hurried lifestyle.
‘Let’s walk a road lined with flowers’ has become a popular utterance among people today. My mother, as she welcomed in the 2017 year, shouted, “Let’s walk a road lined with flowers” instead of “Happy New Year.” Last year, people, including Sookmyungians, suffered greatly from accidents. Nevertheless, they are enduring those hardships and gaining courage from candlelight. In order to create a road lined with flowers, students from Sookmyung Women’s University and other universities across the Peninsula gathered at Gwanghwamun plaza to show unite and determination at rallies each Saturday over the past several months. As citizens of Korea, they exercised their right to voice the need for true democracy.
From March 2017, Sookmyungians and The Sookmyung Times will embark on a new road. Sookmyung’s family grows with the arrival of its new young snowflakes, the frosh who will start their path along the university life road.  Sophomore and juniors at the university will enter a new road as upper year college students, one step closer to employment. Sookmyung fouth year students, the eldest children in the family, must now face the challenge of ensuring all is ready for their dream to become a reality and success possible. The Sookmyung Times in preparation for these new roads and for new family members will host various programs that highlight the press on campus and better inform the public. From this month, there is a new editor-in-chief and there will be opportunities for new cub reporters. Moreover, to meet the concerns expressed on a survey conducted last October in which students hoped to see SMT take on a more active role on campus, SMT has now begun use of Instagram and will hashtag(#) its magazine cover from the next issue. Everyone at SMT will continue to provide informative information on literature and reviews of movies worth viewing besides the blockbusters.
No one can predict what 2017 will be like, but I would like to assure our readers that this year will be beautiful like a road lined with flowers. “Sookmyungians, Let’s walk a road lined with flowers.”


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