Moonlight, Shining Meaningfully and Beautifully
Moonlight, Shining Meaningfully and Beautifully
  • Kim Lee Jihyun
  • 승인 2017.04.10 19:53
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Are you familiar with the word 'Heuk hyeong' or seen it on the internet?  It refers to an African-American male and is abbreviated from heuk (black) and hyeong (bro).  The word was first used to describe and express surprise at an African-American male's height and muscular body or their tremendous talents in sports or music.  However, it is now used not to express admiration but just to name them.  After viewing the movie 'Moonlight', this SMT reporter sees how linguistic violence and coined phrases cause prejudice among people.

Little Becomes Black

The main character in ‘Moonlight’, Chiron, is far from the stereotype image of an African-American male.  At the beginning of the movie, Chiron is called ‘Little’.  He is an outsider among his peers because of his withdrawn attitude and small body frame.  His mother is drug addict, and he is often exposed to indifference and linguistic violence in the home.  During his teenage adolescence age, the bullying he faces in school becomes more intense because Chiron realizes he is homosexual.  In the middle of the move storyline, Chiron confronts his cruel situation when the movie becomes most intense.  And then we are introduced to his young adult period and see him grow and change.  The movie deals with issues like homosexuality, the vicious cycle of drug abuse, and bullying.  The mood of the movie maintains a sense of calmness, although the movie deals with these serious issues.  Also, as much as the movie is meaningful, it is beautiful.  The movie can be divided into three separate chapters, and each chapters titled after main character’s name in that chapter.  Like the three divided chapters of the movie, the poster used to advertise the movie shows three separate aspects of Chiron’s face.  Audiences will soon realize the meaning of the poster after watching the movie.  The movie soundtrack plays an important role in this movie.  The background music is minimized, so the audience can fully focus on the lines of the characters.


Boy Meets Boy

The movie ends quite suddenly and doesn’t really wrap up Chiron's future for the audience.  Also, this SMT reporter found it hard to watch its use of graphic violence.  In other words, it might prove uncomfortable for some audiences.  However, for those interested in the theme of ‘Moonlight’, but would like to learn about it through a less violent film, this SMT reporter recommends ‘Billy Elliot’, which is also the story of a young man’s maturity in life and hints at the idea of homosexuality and poverty.  Other similar films to Moonlight are Xavier Dolan‘s movies.  His film is also stylish and strongly deals with sexual minorities.


MOVIE Moonlight (2016)
LEADING ACTORS Ashton Sanders (Chiron) / Naomie Harris (Paula)


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