Ginger-lily Memory Ball
Ginger-lily Memory Ball
  • Youn Inah
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Crack!  The fragrance of ginger-lily fills the air in my room.  A “Harry Potter” memory ball has been opened.  The ball reminds me of my 9-day Global Exploration Project to the U. S.  with its ginger-lily scent.  Each memory ball stores precious moments in time and each one has a unique fragrance such as jasmine, verbena, blackberry, and so on to remind me of certain days or events.  The ginger-lily brings about images of fresh flowers because its special bouquet was manufactured by crossbreeding two flowers.



Ginger-lily Scented Pagoda and Oriental Garden

The aim of the Global Exploration program was the study of how English literature applies to daily life.  The travel group was headed by Professor Chun and included 10 Sookmyung students, including myself.  The journey lasted 9 days and was meaningful and memorable.  I was lucky to have had such an opportunity to add another memory ball to my collection.  I gave it the scent ginger-lily because no other flowery fragrance can express my days in the U. S.  The distinctive fragrance of the ginger-lily perfectly befits my days and encapsulates them in the memory ball.  Though it was 9 days, I have placed each of them in a single ginger-lily scented ball in my memory. 
Mother Nature made it possible for humans to create the ginger-lily scent.  The adventure, personally, made me sense human’s novel variation of nature, which felt like my mother’s warm embrace.  At the beginning of the adventure, the group headed to Pagoda and Oriental Garden in Norfolk.  It is filled with magnificent green trees and bushes.  On the third day, students in the group started to suffer from exhaustion, mostly likely due in part to jetlag and the tight itinerary, but upon arriving at such a splendid garden, the professor asked us to stop, relax, and meditate for one hour. 
At first I just closed my eyes.  Then I started to sense the aroma of the stinging rays of sunshine, the purity of the swinging grass, and the fishy scent of the river water as it flowed.  Together, all smells combined to make one harmonious scent, the scent of a ginger-lily.  After soaking up the gratifying scent, I felt comfortable, relaxed, and pleasant.  I soon became sleepy and weary, but these feelings couldn’t supersede the sense of calm and satisfaction I was also feeling.  What moment was the most mysterious yet bliss moment I have ever had in life.  At that moment, I felt at one with nature, totally transparent and engulfed in the ginger-lily scent. 
My entire life changed in that one amazing hour.  It was sweetest, most perfect time in my life; I was completely full of peace of mind.  The ginger-lily fragrance and the Pagoda Oriental Garden made it possible.



Shakespeare Wears Ginger-lily Cologne

Before travelling to the U. S. , I’d always considered Shakespeare to have adorned a powdery manly musk.  His life and works were only things I’d learnt from textbooks in Korea.  I have never had the chance to consider him more broadly.  I imagined him to be classical, inflexible, and stubborn, a person who wrote plays that fit his well-structured planned frame.  He struck me as being a “boring” old man.  However, he was quickly turned into a sensitive, fresh, soft, ginger-lily scented person in just 9 days of being in the U. S.
At the Shakespeare Folger Library, the group had the opportunity to talk with a full-time docent and we learnt a great deal more about the Shakespeare, the person.  Shakespeare is known to only place 4 fours on a line of script.  He did so to match the tempo of the heart beating.  He was actually a delicate thoughtful man who considered his audience deeply.  Furthermore, he was considerate of the actors playing his characters, so he would give specific stage directions that would lessen the potential for confusion between the playwright and actors.  He had the ability to see into the human mind.  Luckily, for the world, he was discovered and his plays were brought to the stage.  His written scripts were alive and vibrant.  He was a genius who had the ability to put into words’ images in his mind.
Shakespeare is an amazing writer.  However, looking beyond the play as a whole and focusing on his subtle writing touches will shock you pleasantly.  My image of Shakespeare as a man who wore masculine musk changed into a gentler ginger-lily scented individual.  He is no longer a distant macho man, but a delicate tender man.



Inah, Leaving Ginger-lily fragrance

Inah was a citrus lady before July 13, 2016.  Indeed, she appeared energetic, vigorous, and outgoing, but deep inside, she was as cool as a citrus.  She showed a love of conversing and spending time with others, but on the inside, she was a childish young girl who is selfish and self-centered.  That image of Inah, my old self, is long gone.  I have moved from that cool citrus to become a sweet sugary citrus.
9-day journey to the U. S.  with 10 other strong individuals changed my life.  All group members came from different beginnings and through bouts of angered clashes, we came together to enjoy an interesting and fun excursion.  We grew to overlook our differences and take pride in our similarities.  Life with diverse individuals is not easy, but I came to appreciate others.  I saw life from their shoes.  We merged like the flowers that came together to form the ginger-lily.  I hope to become the type of individual that shares and accepts others’ uniqueness and I hope others come to learn more about me as well.
If I hadn’t participate in this adventure with the professor and the other lovely ladies in the group, I would never have had the opportunity to sense the true meaning of becoming more broad minded.  I hope to leave the fragrance of ginger-lily everywhere I roam in life.
Pagoda and Oriental Garden are proudly memorialized in my memory ball filled with ginger-lily perfume.  The fragrance of a ginger-lily is so powerful that it can revive people from tiresome days.  It turned my impression of a well-known playwright completely around and I emerged a more mature woman from the experiences that I have attached to the lily.  Thank you, ginger-lily.
Closing the ginger-lily scented memory ball, I secure the time spent during my 9-day excursion to the U. S.  Whenever I wish to recall the Global Exploration program, all I have to do is open the ball.  I hope you all create sweet smelling memory balls of your own.



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