A True Mentor for Life
A True Mentor for Life
  • Choi Shin Woohyun
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“Death” sparks negative images such as sadness, despair, depression, darkness, and anguish.  The reason is, like the phrase ‘Where there is life, there is death, and where death is, there is life’, death is double-faced: one is the look of a fatalistic existence and the other is a monster that arouses primal fears.  However, one person jumped over the fears of death and provides readers with a completely different perspective.  That is Professor Morrie, the main character in the book ‘Tuesdays with Morrie’.


Leave Tuesdays Open

‘Tuesdays with Morrie’ is a book about a series of lessons on life between Morrie and Mitch, a professor and his pupil.  Despite the book’s heavy theme of death, the stories are very mild and lucid.  Professor Morrie, who was suffering from terminal illness, namely Lou Gehrig’s Disease, views death as a preparation rather than as an end.  He tries to awaken other people to the true meaning of death by sharing how he feels in the fight against disease.  As time passes, he loses his ability to walk, defecate on his own, eat, and even lift his fingers, but still, he never loses his optimistic saying, “The biggest thing I learned from this illness is that the most important thing in life is to learn how to share love and to accept it.”  He discussed the value of life with a lot of people and offered plenty of advice and words of encouragement until he breathes his last breath.  You can see an incredible man who took delight in helping and talking with others until the disease takes full control of his body passes away in the book. 
How many of us could have adopted such a mature attitude towards life, if they were given only a limited time left to live like Professor Morrie?  How many of us could have gratitude in the reality they were given in their last?  Could we honestly say we would use the time to reflect on our life sincerely and deeply?  Above all others, how many of us would use those last few days for others?  Could we really give joy to others when our own fate is death?  In all likelihood, the answer is not many.  Therefore, to ensure we take a bold attitude in front of death, people need to take to heart the core value of what Professor Morrie wished to convey upon us.  Professor Morrie asks us to look back on our life to determine if we have lost ourselves in work and the obsession with money.  Have you lost yourself?  If you feel, even just a tad, that you will benefit from the book ‘Tuesdays with Morrie’, read it, and it will direct you down the right path in life.


How to Be Mature

No one knows what life holds for them.  Then, what is it that we should do right now to live well?  Where can we find value in life?  Professor Morrie emphasizes constantly in the book that the answer is right beside us.  He teaches us the most important lessons of life, not only through the book’s portrayal of him as Mitch’s teacher, but by the words of countless readers around the world after reading the book.  Now is a great time for you to experience the lessons.



Tuesdays with Morrie


Mitch Albom




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