Uncovering All The Mysteries SHERLOCK
Uncovering All The Mysteries SHERLOCK
  • Song Yoon Heejeong
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Have you ever watched ‘Crime Scene’ the JTBC TV program where contestants guess the murderer?  Or have you ever been to a room escape café?  These and other similar shows and activities have become quite popular with many people joining them on various media platforms.  When did they start to become trendy?  Many people attribute the interest to the Sherlock Holmes series from BBC, which later was turned into a successful movie series.  In other words, the popularity of these types of detective solving are the result of interest in Sherlock Holmes. 


In chapter one, Dr. Watson returns to London after getting injured in the military.  It is there that he meets Mr. Holmes, who is considered as a bit of an odd detective, looking to share a home.  Agreeing to accept Holmes as a housemate, Watson becomes curious and intrigued by Holmes.  Within days of moving in, Holmes and Watson are asked to investigate a case, which Holmes refers to as “a study in scarlet”.  At the crime scene, the pair fi nds a red letter ‘Rache’ and a ring beside the dead body.  Holmes and Watson suffer on the case, but in the end, they fi nd the criminal.


Although Arthur Conan Doyle did not receive much fame when he first published his work, he continued to write novels, and the world was fi rst introduced to the famous detective Sherlock Holmes in ‘A Study in Scarlet’.  This book is a must for anyone interested in Sherlock Holmes because it details the birth of the character.  In addition, the novel reveals how and why Dr. Watson and Sherlock met.  The novel sets the stage for how the two characters are able to resolve all the serial murders that will follow in future Sherlock stories.  In ‘A Study in Scarlet’, Dr. Watson and Holmes, successfully solve their case and it is from this time that Watson begins to record the solved crimes.  The novel is quite lengthy, but only consists of two chapters. In the fi rst chapter, readers are given details of the case, and the in the second chapter, readers follow the case story from beginning to end.  Readers are expected to infer specifi cs of the case and aspects or personalities of the main characters.  For those that have watched the BBC Sherlock Holmes series on television, you will truly enjoy the differences between television series and the novel.

Famous line

There is a red thread which means murder entered into a colorless life.  All we have to do is unravel the thread of scarlet and remove it entirely.

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