Cold Tuition Fee Wind Blows Again
Cold Tuition Fee Wind Blows Again
  • Kim Lee Kyung-hee
  • 승인 2008.03.10 13:36
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Tuition fee issue has brought about student's complain in every semester, every university, also this issue can't give any students' satisfaction even only once.  In this semester, SMU tuition fee increased without fail, Sookmyungian has a big complain about this situation.  In this semester, every college in SMU tuition fee increased about 6.5 percent.
Sookmyungians' complain voice about university, especially tuition fee is higher than ever before. 

One student who doesn't want to be identified her identity said unsatisfactorily, "Our school, SMU tuition fee is higher than other universities in Seoul but I don't know that where a part which used our tuition fee is.  Isn't school's role making more developed school?"  Other student fingered on university problem in welfare position.  She claimed, “I think that school has to use our tuition fee for student's welfare likes fixing building and convenient facilities in school.  But there is no favor for us.  Even we wash our hands with cold water.  I don't accept it."

The number of visitors who lend education fund lending under the government office is also increased than ever before.  An officer of Student Culture & Welfare said, "In afternoon, about ten students visited our office in average."  He added that, "Interest of this lending increased from 6.66 percent to 7.65 percent, but the percentage of student who lends education fund has been increased every year.  Although the deadline for making application for education fund lending is the end of March, many students don't know this fact so they lend education fund at bank which requires an expensive interest rate."

Why does the tuition fee increase every year?   There are many reasons about that problem, most of universites said the main reason is a rise in price.  Meanwhile, the 40th Student Government, MUV said about tuition fee like this, “We will try to freeze tuition fee through two ways.  The first way is inside active like demonstration, also the second way is outside way.  Tuition fee problem is not only SMU’s problem, but also every university’s problem in Korea.  So we will link other university’s governments and claim the government to freeze our tuition fee through many ways like press interview.”

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