Temporary Technology in Art
Temporary Technology in Art
  • Yun Jung Ji-hye
  • 승인 2007.03.26 18:30
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Do you think there are some correlations between hacking and art?  There is a remarkable exhibition where various things are displayed as a result of hacking. 
At the beginning of the series exhibition, “The Unrelated Technique, Don’t Leave Anything,” under a theme of the 2007 Art Space Hue, “Temporary Technology” was held in the Art Space Hue.  This exhibition is a consequence of new attempts which works between two net workers and two artists by hacking each other.  The aim of this exhibition is to diagnose the present state in network society through media art.  “This exhibition is projected to display the state of communication, so it is different from other existing exhibitions composed of completed objects.  Therefore it is called ‘a Communication Art’ which is extended from just a media art,” said the official who is concerned with Art Space Hue.

If you get into the exhibition room, you might be perplexed at first because there are displayed items which weem to have nothing to do with each other.  However if you recognize the distinctive features, you can understand the exhibition.  For example, the rattling sound of the fan catches the ears and eyes.  It is made by inspiration of an artist's document. 

In the beginning, change the header which stands for the subject matter.  After hacking one net worker's works, the other net worker converts the form of substances and then carries out his or her own work thoroughly.  Then look at the process of how the originalities get damaged and the order is thrown into confusion by altering the data continuously.  For example, the text data are all removed in the document and transformed into sound data, likewise the sound data disappear in the video and turn into images or text data through inspiration. 

Not to be hacked, don't leave anything, but leave only the confusing information.  Though the development of technology and widen network, the technique has two sides that make a communication difficult and bear a distrust among people.  This exhibition was planned to consider this ironical problem.

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