New the Sookmyung Times Is Coming Soon
New the Sookmyung Times Is Coming Soon
  • Kim Lee Kyung-hee
  • 승인 2008.03.10 13:38
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New the Sookmyung Times, New the Sookmyung Times Homepage Is Come.

New year came, the new semester is coming.  Before beginig new semester, the Sookmyung Times (SMT) also reedits extensively many sections of magazine.  The most outstanding fact is that reader's participated sections are increased. 

'HANDS UP!,' SMT's new section, is an article which counsels Sookmyungians’ worries, and this will deal with mainly their small troubles like love, living problems, or school life.  ‘ON SMU’ also changes a little, deals with SMU’s serious problem.  ‘Career' section, which was in charge of information about employment, changes into visiting alumna who is an expert in each field and asking some questions about employment of her field rather than providing only information about career. 

Moreover, Sookmyungians who want to meet alumna can join this meeting with SMT's reporter.  The first alumna who meets with Sookmyungians is Cho Chung-un, The Korea Herald Culture Desk Reporter.  Also a section awhich was can meet foreigner, 'CHAT! CHAT!' changes to special section which meets foreigners who are selected by Soomyungians’ readers.

If Soomyungians want to participate in these guest corners, knock on SMT office through reader post in SMT magazine, Sookmyugian board, or SMT's Internet Homepage.  SMT Internet Homepage address is 

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