Passionate Message from a Googler
Passionate Message from a Googler
  • Kim Lee Jihyun
  • 승인 2017.11.08 21:16
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On September 9 the special lecture, ‘Passionate Message from a Googler’ was held.  The guest speaker was Kim Taewon, Industry Head at Google Korea, author of many books, and renowned speaker.  The lecture discussed passion and how to become a talented global person.  It was held on Saturday at 2 p.m., and about 100 students attended the lecture at Veritas Building B102.  The leadership group Sookmyung Interpretation Volunteers (SMIV) hosted this event.  Park Seri, Department of Education ‘16 and SMIV Head, said the event is held annually and SMIV has always listened lectures from him.  “This year, He [Kim] shares his vision of what it means to be a talented global leader.  He delivers this message in clear and interesting way.  In the past, we only invited SMIV members to the lectures, but this year we opened the event up to all Sookmygians,” said Park.  She went on to add, “Speaking on behalf of SMIV, I’d like to thank the many Sookmyungians who took time out from their regular Saturday routine to participate in the event.  We hope everyone leaves satisfied.”  After the 1 hour lecture, Kim held a question and answer session.  One participant, Yu Jiyae, Division of Business Administration ’16 said, “I saw the announcement for this event on SnoWe, and my friend who is an SMIV member highly recommended it.”  She also expressed great satisfaction with the lecture.  Yu said, “This was my first time to participate in an event hosted by SMIV and it was very good.  The club did a great job in organizing and promoting the event and the invited lecturer was both informative and inspiring.  I’d like to thank the speaker and SMIV.”  The lecture gave participants passionate message about future and fresh way of thinking.

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