Prepare to Go Abroad
Prepare to Go Abroad
  • Song Yoon Heejeong
  • 승인 2018.03.22 15:19
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On January 11, the Office of International Affairs hosted its regularly scheduled session on foreign exchange programs for students interested in them at 2 p.m. at the College of Science, Room 109.  The session focused on exchange and internship programs.  Starting this year, the school simplified its recruitment procedure and reduced the number of dispatching, but the number of applicants remained the same.  Also, to encourage students to participate in an exchange program more, the school loosened its English language requirements, so students are no longer required to take compulsory English classes or ask for a letter of recommendation from a professor.  TOEFL ITP has been adopted into the application process and is being used as the language assessment.  Still, it is necessary to confirm with the university overseas as to whether it accepts the test’s grade.  Besides going on an academic exchange, Sookmyungians also can apply for an international internship.  Most students are particularly interested in the Florida State University (FSU)’s Disney internship program.  Former interns from Sookmyung have uploaded various reviews on the job on SnoWe-Sookmyung SNS, so interested students can gain a lot of tips and advice.  Thus exchange information session and fair is held semesterly in May and November.  Kim Saeeun, Department of Business Administration’ 15 said that she was satisfied with the information provided at the session and fair, but would have like to have participated in some small group discussions. Koo Hwangmo, manager of the Office of International Affairs said the office will continue to host the sessions to motivate students to participate and to provide students with information on exchanges.  The sessions and fairs are great chances to find the program that guides you in the path towards your future career. 


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