Meet the Books, and Widen Your Sight
Meet the Books, and Widen Your Sight
  • Song Yoon Heejeong
  • 승인 2018.04.10 22:27
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From March 6 to 16, library tours were carried out to introduce new Sookmyungians to the library hours, lending services, and library facilities.  The tours also detailed the library’s online services, showing students how to find academic material, and explained usage of the basic academic DB.  SMARTeers leadership group, and librarians hosted the tours that took about 30 minutes.  The tour began on the first floor, in front of the Shinhan lobby.  To participate in the tour, students had to preregistered on the library website, and fi rst and second arriving individuals were treated to Blueberry Cafeteria gift cards.  The tour introduced important hotspots on all the floors 1 through 6.  One of the participants, Sohn Youngwook, Department of Public Relations & Advertising’18 said that she joined the tour to learn how to use the library facilities and to see what the library had to offer students because Sookmyung Women’s University’s Main Library is just so much bigger than the high school library she was familiar with.  Smiling, she also said, “I have decided to make good use of the library!”  All participants could be seen smiling in amazement at all the library had to offer them during the tour.  Cho Sungkyung, Manager of Academic Information Services, said that they would continue to offer the tour as long as first years showed interest and preregistered so that they could learn how to find needed materials and resources.  However, the rate of enrollment is decreasing, and sometimes students register but don’t show up.  Sookmyung Women’s University is doing its best for students to help them best utilize services at the library.  For anyone who has not taken advantage of the tour, Sookmyungians now is your chance to meet the library and widen your world.


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