Preparation for the 2018 Recruitment
Preparation for the 2018 Recruitment
  • Kim Lee Jihyun
  • 승인 2018.04.10 22:36
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On March 13, a special lecture on writing self-introduction letters for major company and CJ was held.  The special lecture discussed the 2018 recruitment trends of major companies in Korea and how to write winning letters of self-introduction.  The program was hosted by the Office of Career Development and it was a 3hours lecture that began at 4:30 p.m.  It captured the audience’s interest so intensely that it ran the full three hours without pausing for a break in the middle.  The actual lecture was two hours and there was a one hour question and answer session right after the main presentation.  The entire Myungshin Building Room 520 was packed with students wanting to learn more from the lecture.  The lecturer, Lim Jeongsu, Head of CAREERVISION, said the main objective of the lecture was to help prepare students seeking employment in 2018.  Lim once worked as head-hunter in human resources for CJ Corporation.  As former head of recruiting, Lim offered students invaluable practical information when completing application documents for major companies in Korea.  Lim also offered much needed advice and detailed examples of self-introduction letters.  One of the lecture participants, Jung Heeyoung of the department of Clothing & Textiles ’13 said, “I registered for the lecture because I wanted to get better prepared and to gain valuable information on letter writing before writing my own letter of self-introduction.”  She also added, “Especially, I’m satisfied with the lecturers’ provision of examples from his career experience.  The content, content delivery, and comments were impressive, too. I wish the school would more actively promote these types of programs.  I would love to receive e-mails, especially as an upper year student, on programs rather than having to search SnoWe.”  Lim mentioned the possibility of returning to lecture on preparing for the personality/aptitude test that takes place at many major companies, so keep an eye out for it on SnoWe if you wish to join.

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