Are Funds a General Trend for Students?
Are Funds a General Trend for Students?
  • Hwang Jeon Seo-kyung
  • 승인 2007.03.26 20:24
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Recently, not only common people, but also university students are interested in funds.  Although students have little money, they have joined in funds for making money.   Now, some clubs are investing in financial markets, because funds or stocks have become very popular since these clubs were set up in some universities.  Especially, when ‘the Rich Club’ in Seoul National University (SNU) invited new members, about 80 persons applied for this club.  This club restricts the number of members to 15 people.  Not only had this club, but also others in different universities have similar clubs.  Many books related in the financial investments and funds have occupied best seller lists in bookstores.  Moreover, there were many lectures about financial investments in universities.  Many students who are interested about the funds search the Internet.  A lot of students constantly ask about funds.
Why Are Students Interested in Funds?

Most students want to make money and it is both men and women who are investing in funds.  Of course, students can earn money through part-time jobs, however part-time jobs are difficult.  For this reason, several students are interested in funds.  If someone joind a fund, they can earn extra money without having to spend time doing anything.
According to a research study of university student in Korea, sponsored by the Core Research and Consulting and the Korea Economic Daily, about a half of respondents (56.8%) thought that they could not get a house in Seoul, after university life.  One person concerned explained that; lots of university students are feeling uneasy about their fortunes.  Lately, students join a study group and prepare for their employment as soon as they enter university.  This social phenomenon is also because of uneasiness and insecurity about their fortunes and future.

The Financial Club Success

There are about 20 clubs investing in financial markets and funds in universities on a national scale.  The annual average earning rate earning rate of these clubs is from 10 percent to 30 percent.  Several participants check and study market.  They meet weekly to analyze financial affairs of corporations, and have various discussions.  SNU has a special team to increase mobility.  There are four teams on one club of Chonnam National University.  Each team consists of fund a manager, assistant, trainer and analyst.

The Bright Side and Dark Side of Funds

Lee Chung-jae, a member of Y. I. G (Yonsei Investment Group), invested his money the first time.  He applied money to tuition fees and the cost of living.  Sin Taeyong, a senior of the Department of Business Administration in Korea University, invested 50 million won in 2002, and he earned 650 million won in 2006.  Even if he is a student, he is like a pro.  When he decides on an investment, he invites a corporation and listens to the words of the employees.  In the early days, he hoped for a big-win and then, he experienced the bitterness of two failures.

Mr. K suffered heavy losses in the find market crash.  He suffered a loss of about 800 thousand won in two months.  He regrets investing without completing proper research.

All people can’t be rich and make a profit.  People must prepare and study about financial and economic investments.  Without correct market research and knowledge, the person may lose their money.  Some professional fund managers said that, “I can make much money through funds.  The fund is safer than stocks.  If someone can untiringly invest, one may make much money.”  Mass media has turned a spotlight on funds and has created a general trend.  Someone is apt to say, “There is no royal road to learning.”  However, there is no royal road to earning and living, either.  To earn a lot of money, a person should seek professional knowledge and advice from a professional.

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