A Great Opportunity to Enhance Operational Ability
A Great Opportunity to Enhance Operational Ability
  • Park Kim Yujin
  • 승인 2018.06.05 15:40
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On May 17, the Industry Professional Practice (IPP) Project Group at Sookmyung Women’s University held a briefing session designed to recruit IPP participants in the Queen Sunheon Building.  The program targeted students presently seeking employment.  The session began by first introducing students to the latest employment trends, and then it talked about the IPP Program.  The IPP Program was founded as a way to cultivate practical talented individual seeking to enter the industrial field.  It is a work-study system that hires young people wishing to work in the industrial fields and provides those individuals with NCS-based training from cooperating companies.  Upon completion of the program and after an examination, students earn job-specific qualifications from the state or applicable industry.  At the end of the briefing session, the presenter provided students with information on how to join the IPP Program.  Students received plenty of additional information from the provided pamphlets.  After an hour-long briefing lecture, the presenter hosted a question and answer session with invited professors who are cooperating company representatives.  Kim Hyo-u, Division of Chinese Language & Literature ‘14 said, “It was wonderful to learn more about the program because at the moment currently provided information is quite limited.  In my case, I am interested in sales.  The professor’s detailed explanation helped to clarify information about the sales industry, which I couldn’t completely understand before hearing about it in more detail.”  The IPP recruitment briefing session helped students better understand the IPP Program and get more information about the latest employment trends.  The IPP Project Group at Sookmyung Women’s University hopes more student job-seekers participate in the briefing session in the following semesters and also in the IPP Program.  Lim Seong-hee, IPP Project Group at Sookmyung staff, had this to say about the IPP program: “This is an excellent chance for student to gain practical experience in an industrial field and receive information that will aid in career and employment.  It is also a chance to earn academic credit, so I hope Sookmyungians show more interest and participate in this program to reap its benefits.”

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