Movies All Night
Movies All Night
  • Park Kim Yujin,Oh Kim Youbin
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Do you have trouble sleeping at night?  Are you wide awake when everyone else is sleeping?  If you said “yes” to both of these questions, you must be a ‘night owl’.  Night is the time when you are most active, but there is not likely much available for you to do outside in the middle of the night.  Don’t fret, however, there is one option that will surely relieve your night owl boredom.  The ‘MOVIE ALL NIGHT’, is a theater program that showcases a huge package of late-night movies, and it is hosted by Megabox in Dongdaemun.  Two night-owl SMT reporters, hearing the news, excitedly headed off to the event at Dongdaemun.


Three Movies Tonight



Have you ever seen a picture or a poster about ‘Movie All Night’?  If you have, you’ve likely noticed the owl.  As previously mentioned the ‘Movie All Night’ is for night owls.  However, it can also be another means of refreshing students and office workers exhausted from study and work.  Are you a night owl?  Do you want to revitalize yourself?  Movie All Night might be the event for you.  Movie All Night is a 3-in-1 movie package in Korea.  Three movies are shown consecutively starting from eleven and midnight between Fridays and Saturdays.  Between film showing, there is a short intermission.  To participate in a 3-in-1 event, people should register for it on the event corner of Megabox homepage.  Megabox will offer two 3-in-1 packages, one of 3 new films and one of 3 popular movies.  SMT reporters chose to buy the popular film package.



Tracing Night Owls


Although the two SMT reporters headed to the movie theater late at night, the commute was easy and safe.  Reporters took the subway and got off at ‘Dongdaemun History & Culture Park’ station.  The theater was right in front of exit 14.  The movie theater is adorned with tons of owl illustrations so it was clear the event was targeting night owls.  At the theater, the 3-in-1 popular film event actually consisted of two different movie groups, but each 3-film grouping were popular films.  The SMT reporters hadn’t investigated this aspect prior to arrival so it took them some time to decide which package to go with.  After much contemplation, the reporters chose the package that excluded the horror genre because one of them didn’t like scary movies.  Despite not being prepared for the choice of movies, the reporters got the package they wanted, but this reporter highly recommends previewing the packages prior to arrival so that you can ensure the most pleasurable experience.  Along with the ticket, Megabox provides an all-night combo coupon that is exclusive to ticketholders.  The coupon entitles the recipient to one regular sized popcorn and a bottle of water from the snack bar.  Ticketholders will also receive a paper bracelet that allows them to come and go freely from the movie theater throughout the 3-film duration.  After getting settled, reporters noticed how relatively empty the theater was.  In other words, it is not difficult to purchase a package ticket or choose a preferred seat even if one arrives 10 minutes prior to the start of the first movie.  This SMT reporter enjoyed the movies comfortably, making use of the empty seats to stretch out her cramped legs and to set down her belongings.  It was an enjoyable experience to go to the cinema without huge crowds.  The first movie was ‘Ready Player One’.  Being a huge science-fiction fan, this SMT reporter was satisfied with the movie.  The movie ended at 3 a.m.  After a 10-minute intermission, the second film started.  During the break, people left the theater to use the facilities or buy something at the snack bar.  The second movie was ‘Pacific Rim: Uprising, 2018’.  Upon completion of the second movie, the reporter took a 10-minute power nap on one of the sofas outside the theater.  Despite being a night owl, the long day of hard work will suddenly hit you, causing you to become distracted during the movie at such early morning hours.  This SMT reporter highly recommends having had a good sleep before going to the Movie all Night event or considering going during vacation.  The final movie, ‘Be With You’, started at 7:10 a.m.  Watching a romance movie immediately after two spectacular and powerful science-fiction action movies was a new and special experience.  The film was heart-warming.  At the end of the third movie, it was time to leave the theater.  As they exited, the two SMT reporters were greeted by the sunlight of a new day.



Tips to Assure a Comfortable Event


The Movie All Night adventure was fun and new.  As first timers, these SMT reporters learned much from the advice of others who had already experienced it several times.  Now, reporters like to share some tips for Sookmyungians so that they are assured a comfortable experience.  First, remember that the screenings are from late night to the early morning, so expect it to be cold and bring something to keep you warm.  Blankets are available for purchase in the theater, but that’s money that you could save by bringing a blanket with you to the theater.  Second, avoid going there with lots of makeup on and bring along toothpaste and a toothbrush.  Three movies will run at least 6 hours, so your face will likely become bloated and your teeth will need brushing.  Reporters recommend brushing your teeth right after the second movie finishes.  Third, take advantage of discounts offered to ticketholders.  The bracelet entitles you to a discount of 2,000 won when you buy a combination set, which includes a hotdog, nachos, and slices of squid.  Last, dress in comfortable clothing and supplement physical strength.  Get enough sleep prior to going to this event so that you don’t fall asleep and wear comfortable clothing so that you enjoy the movie rather than having to keep adjusting yourself in order to feel comfy.  With these tips you will enjoy ‘Movie All Night and be more satisfied with the event.  Why not consider going to Movie All Night this weekend with your friends?







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