Yon-Yon Fruit Pharmacy
Yon-Yon Fruit Pharmacy
  • Oh Kim Youbin
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On August 22, the ‘Yon-Yon Fruit Market’ was opened on the lawn in front of the Main Library of Sookmyung Women’s University from 11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.  The fruit market was filled with seasonal fruits of August.  It was a small market for Sookmyungians, and its concept was ‘Yon-Yon Fruit Pharmacy’.  It was a Sookmyung Women’s University campus town project, held by the food culture project team ‘Ladies’ Table’ and sponsored by Yongmun Traditional Market.  Ladies’ Table is a group of Le Cordon Bleu students who had participated in the start-up contest ‘Value Up, Together Up!’ at Sookmyung Women’s University’s campus town business.  The Yon-Yon Fruit Pharmacy was a project aimed at reviving and promoting traditional markets like Yongmun Market by introducing Sookmyungians to the idea of purchasing smaller amounts of fresh fruit instead of large sales units.  An Hyobeen, a member of Ladies’ Table and Department of Le Cordon Bleu’ 15 student, said, “I think the market was a good way to promote and provide fresh fruit and information about leading a nutritious life to Sookmyungians because we used the fruit currently sold at Yongmun Market.  Since the aim was reviving interest in traditional markets, I hope everyone continues to take an interest in our project as well as Yongmun Market.”  The Yon-Yon Fruit Pharmacy sold pre-washed fruit, so Sookmyungians could consume the fruit immediately after buying it.  Members also explained to visitors to the market about ‘phytochemical’, the chemical for healthy biological activity.  One student who purchased a piece of fruit, Park Doyeon, Department of French Language & Culture ’13 said, “I voted for which seasonal fruit to include in the market prior to its opening, so I had more interest in the market and came to it.  It’s not easy for single households to purchase small amounts of fresh fruit, so it was a good chance for me to buy several kinds of fruit.”  Thanks to Yon-Yon Fruit Pharmacy, many Sookmyungians could lead a more nutritious eating style.

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