Seven Steps to a New Field
Seven Steps to a New Field
  • Kim Shin Hyerin
  • 승인 2018.10.10 18:59
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On September 27, 2018, a special lecture entitled ‘Approach Cultural Contents with Diversification’ was held at Sae Him Hall B101.  The lecture is just one of the many lectures that are a part of ‘Special Lectures on Planning and Starting-up Historical Cultural Contents’ that are being offered as part of the PRIME extracurricular program.  The special lectures, which will be held seven times throughout the semester on various themes related to cultural contents began on September 13 and last until the end of November so that all students, not just for History & Culture majors, may participate in the program by receiving prior notificiation.  Jeon Ahreum, one of the lecturers, provided practical information related to the cultural contents field based on her own working experiences.  Specifically, she introduced items she designed as a head of a company and gave students, thinking of entering the field, direction on how to proceed.  She also was quick to note that there were infinite possibilities in the field.  Because the lectures were organized by the Department of History & Culture, most participating students were from that department.  Among them, Mun Minjeong, Department of History & Culture ’16 said, “I joined the lecture because I am interested in producing cultural contents.  I got interested in that after taking the liberal arts course ‘Historical Cultural Contents and Storytelling’, in the previous semester.  Although I have not decided whether I’d like to be a producer or a provider for the industry in the future, I still think these types of lectures will be very helpful to me.”  Historical Cultural Contents is a new and strange field for many students, so lectures like these are great opportunities for students concerned about their career path to consider another possible path in life.  The subsequent lectures will be held each Thursday at 5 p.m. starting on October 4 to November 15 with the last one scheduled for November 29 at Sae Him Hall B101.

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