Sookmyungians, Leap into the World
Sookmyungians, Leap into the World
  • Kim Ma Seunghee
  • 승인 2018.12.08 22:59
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The Program for Global Exchange was held on October 30 and 31 during the last week of October as it was Student Career Week at Sookmyug Women’s University.  The program was managed by the Office of International Affairs and consisted of three sections.  The first section involved individual consulting about global exchanges and was carried out at Queen Sunheon Square on October 30.  The second section was a briefing session that explained the global exchange program at Sookmyung, and it was held at Shinhan Hall on October 31.  After the briefing session, a fair was held at the same location.  The fair consisted of presentations by students, who had studied abroad through the Sookmyung global exchange program and students had access to individual counseling there, too.  During the briefing session, Koo Hwanmo, staff at the Office of International Affairs, gave a presentation.  Koo said, “Sookmyungians don’t take advantage of the chance to apply for the global exchange because they don’t know that much about it, so the Office of International Affairs held this briefing session to deliver precise and concert information about it.”  During the briefing session, Koo passed on everything from A to Z about the global exchange program, such as how to apply or what one needs in order to apply.  Kim Yoonsol, Department of Business Administration ̓15, said, “The program was an opportunity to learn about the multitude of foreign universities partnered with Sookmyung.”  Kim also said that she hopes Sookmyungians take advantage of the program because the Sookmyung program offers much needed financial support for Sookmyungians who are going overseas to study.  It might seem burdensome to prepare all the necessary documentation for a global exchange, but with this type of program available to assist Sookmyungians, much of that hardship will be lessened.

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