The College Day for Freshmen
The College Day for Freshmen
  • Oh Kim Youbin
  • 승인 2019.03.01 22:23
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On February 8, the College Day for School of English was held in Room 416 of Queen Sunheon Building. At Sookmyung Women’s University, most department student councils hold this type of event in order to ease the transition of first year students from high school into life at university because unlike at other universities, Sookmyung Women’s University does not hold a welcome party for its first year students. Since the event took place before the start of course registration, this event was a good chance for newcomers to receive a lot of information related to registering classes. Eum Hyeonseo, Department of English Language & Literature ‘19, one of participants and a first year student, said “I decided to take part in the event to learn how to register for classes. That is the biggest reason why I attended. Also, listening to the advice about college life from upper year classmates was also beneficial.” Freshmen not only learned how to register for classes, but they also learned about their major, the Sookmyung’s student council, and their major’s professors. Cho Inyoung, Department of English Language & Literature ’17, and Cho Yeongin, Department of TESL ’17, said, “The event offered first year students a great chance to learn about various ways to register for classes. Also, because the Department is independent, it was also a great chance to inform students about the exact difference between the Department of English Language & Literature and the department of TESL. In addition, because the event was small scale, a comfortable atmosphere could be created among students of all school years through mentoring. We hope that first year students will join our departments’ upcoming events comfortably such as an opening event, the membership training, and the orientation.” Like their wish, SMT also hopes that all new first year Sookmyungians start happy university life by joining departmental events.

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