Human Between Imagination and Reality
Human Between Imagination and Reality
  • Choi Cho Huiryung, Lee Hwang Hayoung
  • 승인 2019.06.02 00:33
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Everyone, including you reading this article, might have experienced about imaging their own world and sank into that world. In their imagination, people do things which are hard to come true without any limitation and make imaginary friends. However, it's not always right to believe that an imaginary world is just a fiction. Some people are encouraged, cheered up, and gained courage by their imagination. In other words, ironically, we have to know that a human's imaginary world is closely connected with the real world.

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty (2013)

“To see the world, things dangerous to come to, to see behind walls, draw closer, to find each other, and to feel. That is the purpose of life.”
– The motto of Life magazine

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

Walter Mitty is working at Life magazine for a very long time. He is just an ordinary man like many other people. However, there is something different from him. There are sometimes when he is spaced out and falls into a very deep imagination. During that period he imagines things that he can’t do in real life. However, the period of imagination is quite long, that some people think he is weird. One day he receives a film from Sean but the one that Sean ask for as a cover was missing. Walter was urgent to find the picture. As it is the last issue of Analog magazine, if he can’t find it he is going to be fired. That’s why he just leaves to Greenland only to find Sean for the picture. Walter also has a woman whom he loves. To ask for a date to her, he signs in a blind date site. He sends a link to her but he can't even send it. He imagines being with her. In reality, however, he can’t even talk to her. Will he be able to find the proper picture and win her heart?


We all imagine things that we can’t really do in reality. It may be our expression of desire that we don't get in real life. As the title tells us, what Walter has dreamed about, has come true, although it wasn’t in the exact same way. The changes began when he was on the move. We are sometimes like Walter. We forget about what we really desire and follow what society tells us to. It might be comfortable, but actually, it might make you what we really are. The movie tells us to move rather than stop and just imagine about things we want. Nowadays many people live without any goals or visions. By showing how Walter change, the director tells us to do what we had been dreamed about. There isn’t any significant point where we can say that Walter has changed. However, the point is he out of imagination and starts to live in reality. Are you worried about trying new things? Or are you hesitating whether to do something or not? If yes, SMT surely recommends you to see this movie.

The Wizard Bakery (2009)

“Bread is a powerful item that evokes the past and the present that makes me sick. But if it was bread made by the wizard here, it could be better. His bread may contain some dangerous spices, but it contains the future.”
–Main Character of Wizard Bakery

The Wizard Bakery

The main character of the book is one of the "painful youth" who are really ordinary but not ordinary actually. A mother left him after attempting suicide when he was a child, and his father remarried with his stepmother Bae who mistreats him skillfully and quietly. He took all the wounds of his childhood and even became a stutter of speech. One day, things went off. Blood was found on the underwear of her half-sister Moo-hui. This innocent boy is accused of raping his sister without charge so he finally escapes from his home. What he faced was ‘Wizard Bakery’, a place full of the warm smell of bread. There were also a girl in the form of a sweet bluebird and a wizard baker who seems indifferent but cares about him. This book describes what happens in the huge oven there. Many people visit the Bakery in search of sweet magic bread that will make them forget their own life's pain for a while. Listening to the stories of such people, this hurtful boy is increasingly facing his wound and grows.


Everyone can face with days that are hard to bear the weight of life, moments that want to turn the clock around. Pain and inner darkness are maybe inevitable fate in human life. At this moment, people look for something that will make them forget their pain, and that's probably the sweet bread of the Wizard Bakery. The writer may have provided an imaginary space for a moment to forget the pain of reality with sweets like Madeline, which let people forget the pain of love, or pudding, which guarantees perfect grades. However, this SMT reporter thinks what the writer really wanted to emphasize is not the sweetness of mouth that will make her forget the pain, but the eyes that can face the bitter reality. The maturity of a true self comes from knowing how to face pain and accept it, not from seeking refuge. Isn't it the reason that Wizard Bakery exists for? This reporter hopes Sookmyungians know that it is truly sweet to go through the storm and face yourself who are more mature than before.


Choi Cho Hui Ryung/ Cub Reporter

Lee Hwang Hayoung/ Cub Reporter

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