A Serenade at Night
A Serenade at Night
  • Yun Jung Ji-hye 기자
  • 승인 2008.04.10 15:55
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#1. Synopsis

"A serenade at night" is a folk song drama about Ji-sun who writes lyrics and music wittily after telling her listeners’ stories for them. The two heroines are the mother, Jung-ja, who runs a diner and  hesongs could comfort and cure the broadcast listener. Ji-sun was a cyber jockey (CJ); she sang and broadcast impromptu tunes on-line as a singer-songwriter. However, her mother was displeased with Ji-sun who sang until dawn and didn't marry or make money. Her r daughter Ji-sun, a 33-year-old spinster. In this musical, mother used to get extremely angry and blunt, and the two were always quarreling. After a quarrel, Ji-sun shouted with anger and went into her room. Remembering how when she was a child, she had hoped her parents would sing the duet 'You and Me,' she broadcast with tears in her eyes. At that moment, she fainted from an electric shock. When she opened her eyes, she was in a coffee shop in 1973. Her parents, Jung-ja and Bong-pal, were singing 'You and Me'. Thereafter, Ji-sun watched over their love affair and became close friends with Jung-ja who was with child, Ji-sun herself.

#2. Sympathy

Ji-sun realized her youthful mother also had a heart pure of any taint. Then she could understand that she was someone's daughter and a woman, too. Because of Bong-pal's death, Jung-ja was widowed and became an indefatigable person because of her troubled life. Ji-sun was overwhelmed with pity for her mother and sympathized with her. Ji-sun sang a song to comfort them both, including the words, "Mother in daughter's heart and daughter in mother's belly."

#3. Mother and daughter

In the musical, it was the 29th of December. CJ Ji-sun spoke over the radio, "Before the end of the year, if you still have something on your mind, you should declare your love. If you have loved someone, confess your love to the full." Then, she spoke out, "Mom, I love you." There is the word, "love." We may not be surprised that she said that. However, how often do we in fact say it? All of us have at times felt too shy to pronounce that word.

Mothers and daughters are on more intimate terms than anybody else. All babies say "Mom" before any other word in their life. In addition, when we are surprised or pleased, the words pour from our lips unconsciously. In fact, they are our true friends. So how about expressing your love to your mother today with redoubled courage?

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