Opportunity to Develop S-Leadership
Opportunity to Develop S-Leadership
  • Shin Won So-ra
  • 승인 2008.05.09 10:01
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From April 11 to 12, a Leadership Workshop was held in theNaminaraRepublic , Namisum.  122 students belonging to leadership groups participated in this program.  This purpose of this program was to increase student’s S leadership; sprit, skill, service and strength.  On the first day, they visited Gangchon resort and took part in a Leadership Group Workshop.  In this program, 20 leadership groups introduced their specific characters and conditions through presentations.  The next day, students moved to Namisum.  There, Kang Woo-hyon, CEO of Naminara, delivered a special lecture to students for about 90 minutes.  After that, they went toNamiEcoSchool and made natural soap.  Finally, students had a pleasant time taking part in field activities.  Kim (21), a student in the division of English language and literature, said, “I had a great time through this workshop.  I could experience various programs and Namisum has really beautiful scenery.”  

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