Social Gathering with Sookmyungians
Social Gathering with Sookmyungians
  • Seo Lee Yun-ju
  • 승인 2008.06.05 17:37
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A Social gathering was held in Samsung Convention Center on May 20, near the end of this term.  A lot of students, including Sookmyung Leadership groups, were present at this event.  The event was held in the following order: opening address, Student Affairs Superintendent’s address, answer for undergraduates’ questions, a Question and Answer session, an address of President Kyungsook Lee and closing address. 

 After an address of Ham Eun-sun, Student Affair’s superintendent, deans from 8 departments including Division of Admissions, Student Affairs, General Affair, Planning Affairs, External Affairs & Development and Information and Communications Affairs and Career Development Center , Library and Sookmyung Global Leadership Institute answered questions about several different problems.  For example, plans about low school accreditation, supplement of the newly appointed professors and lack of elevator.

 After then, an address of President Kyungsook Lee started.  She said, “Because I can’t see everyone, I will stand up.”  And she also answered sookmyungains’ questions.

In the second question: ‘What kinds of temperaments need to be a leader?.’  She said, “Leader have to take the initiative and set an example.  By acting in advance, we have to impress others.  And leader should have a goal vision and an affirmative concept.”  And she also emphasizes importance of communication skill and good nature based ability.  After she ended an address, there was free questions and answers time for a moment, after then the event was closed.

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