Traveling to Japanese Day
Traveling to Japanese Day
  • Hong Han Mun-hee
  • 승인 2008.06.08 14:54
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On May 8, Japanese day was held in Gemma Hall and the Renaissance Plaza.  This event included a lecture by the Japanese Ambassador to Korea entitled ‘The Future of Korea- Japan Relations’, a Shamisen(Japan’s traditional instrument) performance, a  Japanese food fair.   Many students and many professors participated in this event.  Lee ji hyung, a professor in the Department Japanese studies, said that, “Since I can listen to performance of Shamisen nearly, I’m very glorious.”  On the Renaissance Plaza, a Japanese food fair, Japanese costume and games, and a Study in Japdn fair were held.  Since Japanese food fair introduced various Japanese foods such as  Yakkisoba, Okonomiyaki, Kusikatu, many students were interested in them.  Choi seung hee, a student in the Department of Culture and Tourism, said, “I’m eating Giragizsi then, which is so delicious!  we don’t often get a chance to eat Japanese traditional food, so I feel good eating it.”  In the Japanese costume and game area, Yugatas (Japanese traditional costume) were prepared.  Choi eun jung, a student in the Graduate School of Design, said, “I can remember my trip to Japan because I wear Yugata, so, it was very interesting for me.”

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