The 60th birthday of Moonshin Art
The 60th birthday of Moonshin Art
  • Shin Won Sora
  • 승인 2008.10.07 20:18
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Moonshin Museum at Sookmyung Women’s University (SMU) recently celebrated the 60th birthday(1948~2008) of Moonshin’s art.  The ‘Moonshin Art Exhibit’ and ‘1988 Olympics birth 20th memorial exhibition’ were displayed in the museum.  They included such exhibits as ‘Human of the Sun,’ ‘1988 Olympics’ and ‘Firelight Olympics 1988’ which highlighted the history of 27 years.

‘Travel to Undisclosed Erotic Drawing’ was prepared, too.  In addition, a commemorative event was held for the publication of the Moonshin art book ‘I’m a Slave for Art’ which is about the life story of the artist Moonshin.  Also, visitors could get a Moonshin art canvas bag as a souvenir of the exhibition.  The exhibition was held from July 18 to September 17.  Kim(21), a sophomore at SMU, said, “I had a great time appreciating Moonshin’s art and I had the chance to know him better by seeing his works about history.”

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