Vision Trip for S Leadership
Vision Trip for S Leadership
  • Kim Park Suyeon
  • 승인 2008.11.09 16:53
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On October 10, the 3rd ‘S leadership vision making field trip’(Vision Trip) in second semester started.  It is the trip for Sookmyungians to raise their leadership.  ‘Vision Trip’ is necessary for students who take Sookmyung Leadership class which is necessary class for freshman of SMU.

They came together in front of Queen Sunheon Building at 4:30 P.M. and they left for Yongin Training Center at 5 P.M..  They arrived there 7 P.M..  They listened explanation for program of ‘vision trip’ after the dinner.  They made poster for Sookmyung’s dream, Sookmyung’s vision.  And they enjoyed game for strength which is the one part of ‘S Leadership.’  The next day, they listed special leadership lecture by professor Kim Soo Dong.  And they enjoyed the games for raising leadership that ran by leadership group.

  (22), a freshman at SMU, said, “ At first I didn’t want to go this trip, but now I can feel my leadership raised.”

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