Leap to Motivate the World with Leadership
Leap to Motivate the World with Leadership
  • Park Bae Hyewon
  • 승인 2009.03.04 08:33
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On February 6, at Samsung Convention Hall in Centennial Hall 2nd floor, SMGLI Global Leadership Conference was held.  This conference is conducted by SMGLI under the slogan of ‘Redefining Leadership Education: Perspectives, Challenges, and Innovative Solutions.’  This event was conducted by 2008 business to specialize metropolitan university through supporting national treasury.

Minister Doyoon Byun, Ministry of Gender Equality, commented that Sookmyung Women’s University is highly contributing to cultivate women’s leadership and said the chance to redefine Leadership is needed because Paradigm for leadership is changing from vertical leadership to horizontal and gentle leadership.  And she asserts through this change of leadership paradigm, the concept of leadership should be extended to Women and to realizing it, the role of education is most important. 

In addition, Dr. Nona Ricafort, Minister of Higher Education, , Dr. Meutia Farida Hatta Swasono, State Minister for Women’s Empowerment, and Dr. Jungwook Hong, Member of the National Assembly of theRepublic ofKorea make speech regarding Cultural and Global Perspectives in Leadership.  Including Mr. Myoung Won Sohn, Senior advisor in Herald Media and Ms. May Lee, Founder and CEO of Lotus Media House, former CNN Anchor, many global leaders also conducted speech about leadership. 

 One reporter in domestic press “This conference is most significant in that it provides a chance to meet and talk to the world's renowned figures who could serve as an exceptional role-model for the students and the conference reflects Sookmyung's unusual commitment to developing global leadership and to producing future world leaders” said through this conference.

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