Polytechnic University’s Students Enjoyed Korea
Polytechnic University’s Students Enjoyed Korea
  • Park Kim Haena
  • 승인 2009.03.04 12:43
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On January 5, students from Hong Kong Polytechnic University (HKPU), one of our sister schools, visited SMU to take part in the ‘Seoul Study Tour’ program, which went on for five days.  On the first day, they met with SMU buddies and enjoyed a welcome dinner and party held in a restaurant.  HKPU students attended lectures on Korean history, culture and language and appreciated a NANTA performance over a period of two days.  In the lecture about language, they learned about Hangul and practiced basic Korean conversation.  On the third day, they experienced cooking Korean food for three hours in a Korean cooking class instructed by the Korean Food Institute at SMU.  After having made Bibimbab and Kimchi, they all had lunch together.  Besides these programs which went on within SMU, there were also outdoor activities such as visiting the national folk museum and Kyongbok Palace accompanied by an English tour guide, as well as Dora Observatory in which people can see a city in North Korea and going to Everland in Yongin.  One student said “It was so pleasant because SMU arranged an interesting program with the greatest care.   The most impressive thing was the NANTA performance; I’ve never seen such an exciting and special performance.”  Another student said “I remembered the experience of making Bibimbab.  Unlike it looks, it was really hard and demanded many preparations to make, but it tastes spicy and delicious to me.  I like Bibimbab, so in my country, I’ve eaten it several times.”

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