Refresh Yourself in a New Space in the Library
Refresh Yourself in a New Space in the Library
  • Park Kim Haena
  • 승인 2009.04.04 18:52
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On March 4, the ‘EnglishReadingGarden ’ was opened on the 1st floor of Sookmyung Women’s University Library.  The first floor is easy to access and has a comfortable atmosphere so the library selected this place to give Sookmyungians a chance to read books and feel refreshed, according to a library official.  TheEnglishReadingGarden has 1,192 English books, which are donated by Oxford University Press and bought by the library.  These books are thin so students can read them easily and in a short time.  Considering this fact, books are not allowed to be borrowed and can be read only in the library.  The ‘Reading Marathon,’ an activity involving a relay of reading books in English with the purpose of improving English ability, is being held from March 9 to May 31.  This project served the momentum of theEnglishReadingGarden .  However, theEnglishReadingGarden section will be continued after the Reading Marathon is finished.  The library official said, “Actually, theEnglishReadingGarden started for the Reading Marathon, to help students get various kinds of English books, because in the past, students who took part in the Reading Marathon purchased or sought English books by themselves.  However, the purpose of creating the English Reading Garden is to create an atmosphere of learning and enjoying English, so the library expects Sookmyungians to use it positively.

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